I'm finally done ironing & folding (& trimming)

glassquiltAugust 11, 2007

It's taken two weeks. Might have been done sooner but of course life gets in the way.

I have done all the fabric returned from the cleaners and refolded the fabric I received from y'all.

Looking at it all neat & pretty it doesn't look as if there's enough to spend two week working on it.

Next step is to sort it all.


FQ & similar sizes

Bigger pieces

Pieces too big to fold

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Your fabric looks so neat. I love it when I get it like that but then I start working on something and pretty soon it no longer looks so neat. Hope you are better at that than I am.
Show us again when you get it all sorted. And good luck keeping it that way.


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Is that threads from the fabric edges in that blue trash can??? If so you can turn them into a work of art.Get a bunch of them,put them in a shadow box frame,add some pieces of crochet thread,metallic threads,some pretty buttons,like mother of pearl,and some glitter.Seal it up and hang on the wall.

Here's a picture of mine.Mine was the results of a shower curtain and bathroom accessories i was making for a display for the store i worked at.The fabric scraps were what went into the trash bag at the serger.I looked at them and thought they were too pretty to dump out so i added the other stuff and put it all in a shadow box frame.I like it and still have it.
Sorry for the glare on the picture.

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I'll look into making a work of art. Thanks for the idea.

Yep, the threads are from edges of all the fabric. Since the cleaners did the washing and up until now I did not pre-wash, the corners had not been clipped. So the fabric that wanted to unravel did it beautifully in great amounts. I had that stuff everywhere - front & back loose pieces stuck to the center. You name it there were threads. Cutting it off the ends or pulling it off the middle seemed to take most of the time.

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I'm in awe, Glassquilt. Fabric on hangers! What a wonderful way to store the large pieces and it just never dawned on me. I have them crammed into dresser drawers and bureaus where they are out of sight, and often out of mind. I've been known to lose them for months until I discover the hiding place I thought was a "good idea at the time".

Just looking at all that lovely material all crisp and clean and in order is making me drool. I suspect all quilters are cut out of the same bolt of cloth when they see vast quantities of fabric displayed. It just trips a switch.

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I have a friend who snags the threads and small bitty pieces left over from trimming, and hangs them in mesh bags in the spring for birds to pull out when they're nest-building. I've also heard of people who lay them down on a background and stitch them down to make - who knows? That's a little extreme for me, but I like my friend's bird-nest project. I hang my unquilted tops on hangers, also my finished quilts. Your stash looks so nice and neat!

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Oh, that fabric looks so neat and tidy. I imagine it was quite a job to get it that way. You have shown such perserverance through this whole thing, you are an inspiration!

And, Kathi, I love your art. Although I may borrow scraphappy's friend's idea for the birds in the spring.


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I think the birds in spring would be less work and right now less work sound very attractive.

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