Why, Oh Why???Vent!

irishdancersgramAugust 11, 2007

I don't understand,I think I'm a fairly nice person, don't swear, drink and I try my best to treat everyone with respect and in the past week, have had all kinds of bad luck...

We got word that some of our shed is on the lot next door that has been vacant for at least 100 years and we have to have it moved, our #3 son, who works construction, was caught in a ditch cave in and has a dislocated shoulder, our Microwave died, the TV which is only 3 years old and wasn't cheap, decided not to work (going to cost over $200.00 to get it fixed) and now there is water pouring out of our water meter...When it hits, it hits!

OK, I feel better, I'm done venting, I know I'm very blessed, my son is alive and these days will pass...


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OMG Hugs.

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Dorothy, you must be related to me! That sounds like some of our adventures. The good news is, all you bad luck is used up for the rest of the year and now only good things will come your way. At least we can pray that is it. I have decided these things happen just to give us something to talk about. ((hugs and prayers)) for your son and family.


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