Weekend Plan, anyone?

irishdancersgramAugust 18, 2007

Weekend is here again...I hate to see summer flying by so quickly, dread what might be coming this winter...

My 2 DGBs are coming from N. Carolina for a week long visit, just the boys, ages 8 and 12...It's going to be a fun week, I think, and a very tiring one, I'm sure...

Happy weekend, everyone!


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Going to my 40th class reunion tonight.
Dorothy, have fun with the grands.

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I just put up a background to pin my creative challenge to and I made one piece to it! It may be slow but it's turning out great.

Plan to go blueberry picking later this afternoon, our last time this year going.

I walked down to my neighbors today to see her new sewing machine and take her down the quilts we have here of the pattern I'm going to be teaching her. I have never seen anyone so excited about learning to sew. It should be a lot of fun.

Tomorrow is a huge party for my husbands parents 50th wedding anniversary. All the brothers and sisters will be there and the nieces and nephews. I should be excited to see everyone I guess but I'm not good about crowds. I'll do my best, hopefully DH will not want to stay ALL day.


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Parties??? they sound like they will be lots of fun.

I just made a pail of pickles and passed out several bags of cukes to the neighbors. Will do some dills tomorrow. I have picked a good 30 lbs of tomatoes...4 ripe ones and the ones picked are starting to turn. We like the acid pic pic taste but they are very mellow this year. Oh, yes I also have a large bag of apples my DD wants pies made. They are off her tree...I am not really in the mood for pies but will try and push it before they spoil.

I am making some new curtains for my kitchen. I had real nice swag ones but they are a real chore to get off and on the window and I don't do so good on a ladder any more. I found a bright plaid - colors of orange, yellow, green, blue. My kitchen is a celeric green and my chairs are navy.

I would really like some white daisies on my curtains, but haven't done hand applique...but I thought I could just do one on each curtain once in a while and would eventually have a few daisies..hehe. What do you think? I can't devote much time to this right now as I have another more important project to work on, but daisies would be lovely in January!!!

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Well, the weekend is nearly passed but I did finally start a project I have anticipated since I won a stack of 5" squares at my LQS about 3 months ago. I'm using them as the middle of a star. This is to be a throw for my DD. Maybe this week I'll be inspired to try to get it all together. Sometimes, I spend a lot of time planning, thinking about, gathering materials and not getting a lot of work done. Trying to work on that.
Hope you all had an exceptional weekend.

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