Can you use bleach to lighten plaster that is too dark?

SWIMMYMay 27, 2011

Hi all. I foolishly opted for a very dark colored plaster finish, and as I live in Central Texas, the water gets so hot, it is like a bathtub. Not fun swimming in 90 degree water when it is 100 degrees out.

I have a white spot where I accidentally dropped chlorine in the pool, and it made me wonder if I could drain the pool, and use bleach to lighten the whole plaster finish.

Anyone know if this would work?

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Have you tried aerating your pool? I have found doing this at night can drop my pool temp by 4-5 degrees.

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Central Texas is very dry. A fountian, waterfall, or etc. that causes splashing will cause evaporation and cool the pool off quite a bit.

I've seen this product advertised before, but have no idea if it really works.

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Not without damaging your plaster and voiding your warranty. You would have to drain the pool, apply a Bond Kote and replaster.

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