What's everyone doing this weekend?

vicky4x4August 11, 2007

My son-in-laws appendix burst on Thursday, I've been busy watching four of my grandchildren. So this weekend I'm cleaning and standing by to watch kids if needed. I do have my grandson but grandpa is out with the boys fishing this morning, My grandchildren that live in Michigan are here just for the weekend so I plan to see them from 4-7:30 by far not enough time but I'll take what I can get!


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Vicky, Sorry to hear about your son in law and hoping for a very speedy recovery....I have nothing planned this weekend and just hoping nothing else in this household decides to go bad....I might be going to see and hear one of our DGDs in a street concert later today...Other than that, maybe work on my DGS's patriotic quilt and after the terrific storms we had in the past couple of days, enjoy this perfect day....

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Sorry to hear about you SIL. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

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I got a lot of time yesterday & last night in my studio. Got my mystery top done...still need to get back in there to add a border or two.

Ran errands this morning and have nothing else planned for the entire weekend! Do need to run up and pick up a bunny hutch from a freecycler for DD so she can pick out her birthday present from a friend.

May everyone have fast recoveries!!

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I got a call from my daughter today and I won't be able to see my grandchildren after all :-( It's a long hard story but she does not have four of her five children and her husband moved them away in April so I was so hoping to see them.

We drive up to see the SIL today. He doesn't look to comfortable. My daughter doesn't want to leave his side. They were hoping that he would come home today but it's looking more like Monday now. His white blood count is still up.

Sad day for me...........


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Sorry about your SIL. Maybe his stay over the weekend will get him on the right track. A burst appendix is serious.

I am so sorry about your not seeing your DGC. I have spent today flying 2 of my 4 GC home after 10 days with us. It is not a good situation but my former DIL has no problem with us having the children. Actually, she looks forward to us having them. It is a hassel as I have to make two round trips, one to get them and then take them home but that is better than not being able to see them.
My daughter also comes when they are here with her 2 so all 4 have been here. We have fun but they get tired and eventually cranky. We basically just do whatever they want to for the time they are here. Making memories. Since my GD has started school they have been coming once in the summer. Who knows how long they will want to come. We have a 10 yr old (my daughter's son), two 7 yr.old GD's (1 from each family) and the youngest a 5 year old boy!
I do see my DD's family more often because they live about 4 1/2 hours away.
This Nana24 is tired tonight!

This week will be dedicated to cleaning up!

Hope all have a good week.

Sally aka Nana24

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House is in shambles DH finally painted the living room yesterday it took all day and part of the evening LOL...
right now I am going for the asprin bottle!

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I have extended family coming in on Monday so I have been cleaning and taking care of all the animals. D.J. (DH) is in NH and will be at his family reunion while my family is here. My family made their plans to come out at least 6 months before his family made their family reunion plans. I am a bit on the resentful side. This is probably the closest I will get to have my family visit. They know that housekeeping is not one of my better skills. If I get the house to clean they will think they got the wrong house. It's not dirty. It is cluttered. Sorry for the rant/vent and thanks. I do get sit in the evening watch a movie while quilting or crocheting. I find this very calming. Quilting while Arnold blows stuff up!

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