Lost one of my buddies yesterday...

solstice98August 27, 2009

I guess I just need to share this.

We had our elder Sheltie put to sleep yesterday and it's breaking my heart. Bandit came to us 9 years ago through a rescue organization when he was about 6 years old. Not sure why we knew he was the right dog for us, but his story touched us and we did an 8 hour round trip on New Years Day 2000 to get him.

He came with some odd baggage but he was always affectionate and a wonderful, athletic clown. Once we got used to him going insane every time the phone rang and his desire to eat the UPS man, we were able to just enjoy the good things about him! We never did discover why he would leap into your lap and start licking your face anytime you use a word that started with br. (breeze, brush, bring, brussel sprouts, anything with br) We just learned not to do it if we didn't want instant and close company! LOL

We also learned to be careful when calling him because he would respond so quickly. Furniture didn't seem to be an obstacle for him and he would leap over the sofa to come when called. He always saw himself as a lap dog and when he needed a cuddle he would just flop over on your lap with a big doggie grin on his face. Until his arthritis got so bad, he slept on the bed between our feet. It was almost as if he was making sure that this was a family he would not lose. We were his pack.

Strangely, all the cats loved him. They would rub on him, sit right next to him and curl up beside him to nap. We always wondered if he smelled a little like catnip to them! Each morning until the last few months he would have to take a walk around the pool each morning, checking out the yard to be sure everything was OK. We called it his daily perimeter check. What was funny was watching one of the boy cats trail along beside him like a little sidekick. He would trot along, stop at the same time and appear to be looking at the same things Bandi Boy was looking at, then look up at the dog's face. It was like "See? I'm helping! Right?" Seiously cute and it happened every day.

We really loved this dog and will miss him terribly.


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So sorry about Bandit! What a beautiful tribute to him! He was a special dog! Glad you have all the treasured memories and I hope those memories will comfort you.


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Aw Kate, I'm sorry. You provided him with a good life that he wouldn't have otherwise had. It sounds like you had a lot of laughter over the things he did. Like Gwen said, treasured memories.


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So sorry about your loss. Pets become so much a part of our family. You gave Bandid Boy a wonderful life and his faithfulness was his thank you. Thanks for sharing your fond memories of him.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your family member. I think there is something about shelties and cats. Our cats used to ride on our Ginger's back and curl up with her at night. I still miss her, even after 14 years.


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Kate, I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our 13 yo dog last year and still miss her terribly. They become part of the family, at least our dogs do.
Linda OH

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Kate, Bandit was a beautiful dog. It is so hard to lose your pets. We lost one cat a year ago August and then we lost our two other cats in January at the same time. It is truly heartbreaking. We were lucky to have them all for 13 years. We have a cat and dog now and both are about 3 yrs old. The two we lost in January were either on my lap or laying beside me. They were a lot of company.

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Kate I am so sorry for your loss. I do not have pets, but I have in the past and I know how they are part of the family.
My daughter has a 'zoo' and they have a small party business. When they moved the pink corn snake that belonged to my granddaughter got sick and died. My granddaughter was so sad amd some of her friends made fun of her but you do get attached to your pets regardless of the type.

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