Would you put your speed oven in an island?

PattyjillMarch 22, 2013

I'm trying to figure out where to put my Advantium or whatever speed oven I decide on. I've seen a few pix of the oven in islands and wonder if its works out ok or awkward. Any thoughts? Thanks

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Unless you have the 120 volt Advantium, I don't think, with the exception of the Miele, that any of the 220 volt speed ovens are approved for under counter, (Island) installations.

To Me, the best place for Islands are in the Pacific!


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Advantiums are not approved for undercounter installation.

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I have an Advantium 240 - but not in an island.
I don't think I would like having to bend down to use the controls but that is my personal opinion.
BTW - love my Advantium - It came down to the Elux, Miele, and the Advantium.

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I have a Miele speed oven on my island, and I don't think this is the optimal situation for most people. Since I have both a conventional oven and a steam oven, the speed oven is really a luxury, and it isn't something I use every day.

For me, it's fine, and I am really comfortable with bending down to use it. However, I suspect that others would find this problematic if using the oven heavily, especially as a microwave and you're bending down for a few seconds at a time in 60 second bursts.

There were other things I didn't want to give up, and I thought long and hard about the location. Be sure you're prepared for the bending, especially if you have kids and may be re-heating lots of times per day.

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my miele speed oven is in the island. I don't mind it all all. My steam oven is in the island too. No complaints.

(sorry about the green water in the vase, ick. I changed it after I took this pic when I realized how it looked in the pic. However the clean-water-pic doesn't show the oven as well!)

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