When you are in your sewing studio...

marylizAugust 29, 2007

When you are in your sewing studio, do you prefer it to be so quiet that you can hear the proverbial pin drop?

Or do you like music while you work? What kind? How loud?

Do you ever listen to books on tape? Do you have any recommendations for books on tape that others might enjoy?

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I like to have the TV running in the background with a program that's interesting but not so much that I can't ignore it. Old movies ore reruns work well for me.

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I have my new CD player in there, but I've never turned it on while I sew. Go figure! DH, since he retired a year ago, has the TV on in another room constantly, which has taken some adjustment on my part, and I retreat to my "studio", preferring total quiet. I also need quiet when I read, so I've got several "nook and crannie" areas in the house to read in. It's kinda nice to be sewing away in the somewhat quiet sewing room, and just let my mind wander while I work.

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If I am home alone, I listen to music. My computer is in the kitchen where I sew and will pop a cd in. When the family is home, the tv is usually running. I don't like total silence, then I have to listen to my own thoughts, LOL! I listen to whatever strikes my mood. Right now I am listening to Norah Jones.


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If I don't have to listen to/for the kids, then I'm in there with cds in...don't get radio reception in the lower level!

It could be anything from Jimmy Buffet, Celtic Woman, Meatloaf, Ragtime, or John Denver (among others) depending on my mood!! LOL

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When I was younger I liked to listen to music, but now days I prefer quiet.The sound of the sewing machine is all I need, and the quiet frees up my mind to design my next projects. I am setting up my new sewing room in three or four days,after dd gets her things all moved out,and its going to be my quiet little haven.(well, maybe, as baby Natty will probably be in her high chair or play pen watching Nana sew)

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Funny you should ask. I usually like it quiet when IÂm sewing. But yesterday I had a ton of yardage to press, (boring!) I popped in the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge. I was seriously into the music and dancing to one of the upbeat songs when DH came down the stairs and caught me, iron in hand, shaking my booty. LOL. It did make the pressing less monotonous.


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Mostly, I prefer quiet. But sometimes I throw in Tina Turner or Michael Buble or Brian Adams if the mood so strikes and I'm alone. I do not like to have music on if there are other people around, not sure why.


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It really depends on what I am doing. If I am sewing/cutting something that requires concentration I like quiet. If I am chain piecing, ironing, choosing fabrics, cutting basic shapes, ... I like music (online radio) which changes according to my mood (love Buffett and Buble, go figure), movies or tv, or audiobooks.


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Nina, you know we all have a visual of you dancing!!!! hahaha
I like to have music on as well. Just keeps me moving. If it is too quiet, I don't seem to get as much done.
So, we could be dancing buddies and just don't know it!! lol

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I want to hear my pin drop.

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I have always wanted something on like Rebecca but lately as Caroline said I've been in my sewing room for a while and realize I haven't turned the t.v. or music on.
I like praise music and have a cd that my daughter and her friend made to give at a women's retreat that is one of my favorites. Of course, I'm only a little proud of her! Ha
I also have a contempory christian music channel on cable that I listen to sometimes.
Sometimes, I just let the t.v. play for noise. Guess it depends if I want to hear my thoughts or not. Ha


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Hubby got me a bose a couple of years ago and I never really used it till I put it in my sewing room. I listen to music if that gets boring then I go to talk radio Politics which makes angry but I learned to try to keep up with what they are doing up there in D>C>.

But I would like some good books on tape like mystery murder and mayhem.

Five months, one day, 10 hours, 1 minute and 19 seconds. 6176 cigarettes not smoked, saving $880.18. Life saved: 3 weeks, 10 hours, 40 minutes.

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