lots2doAugust 13, 2007


As some of you know, I lost my Mom in December after only a short while in the hospital. I truly appreciate the support I received here thorough those difficult days.

My DS and I just returned from her second memorial in the town she grew up in. Her ashes were also interred (sp?) in a lovely old cemetary. My DH was not able to go since he is salmon fishing in Alaska and this came together rather quickly.

I was hesitant about going. There had been some funny vibes between a few relatives etc. But things went very well. I was able to reconnect with relatives and dear family friends and while we did shed a few tears, overall, the mood was upbeat and healing. DS deserves a badge of honor. He really rose to the occassion...all 554 miles of it and even took care of the turtle. (Yes, we had to take the turtle. Mom was a nature lover, she would have loved that). :)

It was so special to speak to people who knew her growing up and see her in a different light, so to speak.

So, all's well. While I do still miss her, of course, I know that she is in a better pain-free place...

Take care and hug someone special to you today. (I'm going to!)...


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I am happy that the memorial service provided you an opportunity to further heal from the loss of your Mom. Your comments about reconnecting with relatives and old friends giving you the chance to see her in a different light touched me. Even though, it's been a long time since I lost my mom, I recall how comforting it felt to talk to her friends and relatives about her.
Peace be with you.

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So glad you had your son along who was such a trooper.
Glad things went well. Tough process but memories become less of a burden and more joy as time passes. It has been a long time for me now but my GC like to hear about my parents. They never met them but they have stories about their great grandparents.

The story of the turtle and your mom as a nature lover will be a story to be passed down!



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It sounds like a real healing time. You gave me a smile with that bit about the turtle. My mother was also a nature lover, and I appreciated that someone spoke of that at her memorial service. After she died, I wrote to each of her oldest friends (She had made a list of them for that purpose). I had never met most of them, as they lived far away, but there were several Mum had spoken of many times over the years, and their return notes were very comforting.

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Thank you for your kind words.

We tried to keep the turtle a secret from the motel but in spite of my 'do not disturb' sign, housekeeping came in to clean anyway. But...she did not tattle on us. So she got a bigger tip in her envelope!

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Life is strange. My Mum dies August 10 2007 and my niece had her baby August 11 2008. I think she would have liked that.

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Yes, she would have, I'm sure. I had remembered your loss last year. I hope that you are still remembering pleasant memories of your Mom.
Take care,

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