Out of reach for a few days,,,

jennifer_in_vaAugust 21, 2006

I'm leaving momentarily with the two kids to pick up a friend and drive to Buffalo, NY to drop some furniture off for her at relative's house. Will be gone for 4 days, returning with an all day drive on Thursday. Hope to check in Thursday night at the earliest.

Everyone behave themselves while I'm gone, be happy & productive (or should it be, productive & happy??) and I'll see you when I get back.

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will keep good thoughts and prayers to you for a happy safe journey!

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Be very careful while driving. See you when you get back.


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Well, I'm baaaaack!! lol

I'm exhausted after 10 1/2 hours of driving today! uggghh!
The kids were mostly good, but it's just so tiring to be handling them almost totally by yourself for 4 days (including LOTS of driving!).

It looks like things have been hopping here...but I'll have to catch up tomorrow after I can see straight again!

It's good to be back...Good night!

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Welcome home Jennifer, I'm glad you made it safely (if not soundly). You will feel much better after a good nights rest in your own bed.


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Welcome back. I can't imagine the distances you people have to drive. Europe is so small compared to the States!

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Glad you're back safe and sound.


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Islay, I do miss the wonderful transportation system Europe has. I loved traveling on the trains and taking a bus to work. It was so much more relaxing than driving thru traffic for long distances.


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