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redpennyJuly 10, 2006

Well I took my car in for a Diagnostic test ON SATURDAY and NOW I have to wait for the part on order.......maybe till Friday LOL!I am climbing the walls...............


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It seems like you have a lot of car trouble--could it be time to bury the baby? Hope you get the part in before Friday and good luck.

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My 15-yr old car asked for one repair job too many! Greedy beast - It's now being parted out at the scrapyard, - had it 10 years, and grew to hate it! Now I'm borrowing my son's car when I need to get out, and shopping for a new (almost new, that is) one - new to me. It's hard not having your own car!!! I sympathize.

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This is a 2000 VW Beetle that I own it only has 50,000 miles and has been a headache from the day I bought it awhile ago a expensive headache LOL!

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My sympathy to you Red. DH has sworn off VW's forever. We had to get rid of oldest DD's Jetta. It would just quit running for no apparent reason. We would have it worked on, said it was fixed, and it would do it again. The nearest dealer is 50 miles away and the towing was killing us. DH looked up all possible reasons for this and decided it was a $7 relay swith (which they refused to replace). After 6 trips to the shop at $250-$350 each time we finally just sold it.

DD#2 has a New Beetle and there is always something wrong with it. It does run ok, but the speakers cracked (they glued them back together instead of replacing because it was waranty work) the radio quit, the moonroof doesn't open, emblems fell off the wheels, gas tank latch quit opening, trunk latch quit...... just bunches of little things keep going, but it is in her name and she likes driving it (they are fun to drive) so we still have that one.


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If it is brand new I would be going after them under the Lemon Law!

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Unfortunately it was not new, it was a certified used VW purchased at a dealer, but it didn't start its problems till after the limited waranty ran out. Just like everything else we seem to get. The gentleman who bought it was a deisel mechanic. We gave him all the paperwork and he said he could fix it himself and wasn't worried about it, so it turned out ok. My mother wanted a new car so she gave DD hers so dad would get her a new one. Now she doesn't like it and wants to give it to DD#2 so she can get another one.


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