OT I AM Back an update....on everything and Brian

nanciiiJuly 15, 2007

Hi Everyone,

We are back from Alaska took over 500 pictures. Beverly you are right it was gloroius. The eagles, mountains, glaciers, the waterfalls, sealions, whales, it was all great. Still working on gettin the pictures together.

STILL NOT SMOKING: Three months, one week, five days, 10 hours, 31 minutes and 30 seconds. 4137 cigarettes not smoked, saving $589.60. Life saved: 2 weeks, 8 hours, 45 minutes.

While I was gone the 12 days Brian spent most of it in the hospital. He had a fracture blister that popped June 30 and was infected. They did surgery on July 2nd the first time and then again this past Monday to stitch it up. He is back home now healing. He is upset the Doctor did not believe he was in so much pain, thought he was seeking pain meds but it was the infection. His mother wants to sue. The Doctor apolized for not checking the blister the day he was in the office. I say both were at fault Brain for not being more detailed and the doctor for not asking.

Anyway they are good now. And the grandbaby is precious still. she was so excited to see me this morning when I was sneaking in to get her. She was pointing at me and looking at her mom like (do you see her) she really missed me. I got the best hugs. But I will tell you girls 12 days is way too many for me to be away from my family.

I missed yall too reading the forum daily. But I see I am like Anjea too its different. But I will be like always and post here. You can skip over my grandkids and family stuff if you like and go straight to the techinal stuff of quilting. I feel y'all are part of my family too of girlfriends with different opinons which is great. Caroline post anytime you want. And Ironkit non sense you post when you want you have just as many rights as any of us. How is the boy doing?

Anyway its good to be back and will post pictures next week when I get caught up.

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I can't wait to see pictures - I'm sure it was absolutely stunning. Grats on the continued good work with kicking the smoking habit; that's so hard and you're doing great!


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Well!!You certainly are a breath of fresh air this morning!!
WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glad you had a great vacation. I missed that you were going and have missed you and was wondering what was wrong-not seeing your post. Glad it was a good reason for missing. Hope this is the last set back for SIL.
There is no describing the feeling of having our grands glad to see us. That is one you must experience!
Looking forward to pictures.


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Welcome back! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

When my DH quit drinking one of the hardest things for him was the first time we went on a cruise. He did great! So now you're past a big hurdle, too.


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Hi, Nanci,

Welcome "home." Glad you enjoyed your trip to Alaska, and great job on your "still not smoking"!!


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Glad to see that you're back as well. Hope things get better for Brian as he continues to recuperate. Really glad that you felt comfortable posting this,
Kelly - NH

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Oh I love these messages! Glad to have you back

I haven't smoked for 2W 4D 8h 59m (18 days). I've saved 160,76 Â by not smoking 643 cigarettes. I've saved 2D 5h 35m of my life.
me too!!

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Islay and Nanciii, so proud of you both. Keep up the good work. Colleen

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Oh Islay I am so Proud of you. we have our own little group now me, you and Jean and Kathi have quit. WE ARE AWESome


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Way to go Islay...welcome to our QS group...hope more will join. Next Tues (24th) is my three months smoke free and Nanci has been my support from day 1. I can't describe how good I feel using the Chantrix. It was only approved in Canada April 8th so I'm like at the top of the list to complete 3 months.

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Love it. QS - a subgroup of QW.
Congrats to all members of QS.

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I am so glad you had a great time. I can't wait to go back. I'm glad Brian is doing better, perhaps he can heal now.


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Welcome back and congrats on the smoke free status. You're just brilliant missus (as we say in Dublin!!). Fair play to you (as we also say in Dublin!!). That's it now, you've fought the battle and you've won. Just be on your guard always for those weak moments and have a plan in place for the moments when you may be tempted.

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