Noocha & Empress....Moving Conversation Here

love2sewJuly 8, 2007

Can we continue our conversation here? Nothing like butting in and stirring the pot! It is her thread so I would like to move here.

I am going to sew for a while and think pleasant thoughts. Have a good evening.

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Mary I know you are over here lurking, and I just want you to know that when someone directs a question to me that I do not need you rewriting my reply. I believe this is called condescending behaviour.

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Ummm.....well, I don't know what to think...What is going on??? I have been without internet and I finally get back on (at my Mothers...)and I see this topic. Is everything ok?? I don't like to see disention among us quilters. Pleasant thoughts to all :) :)

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Susie, YOu have definitely missed a whole lot of stuff! It started with a discussion about off topic posts posted on the discussions page, then someone got a complaint off to Garden Web & they moved and/or deleted entire threads & posts. I don't know how you can get caught up except to search for the threads.

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Susie, since you missed all the action I wouldn't even touch this subject with a 10' pole! What it boils down to Quilty Things Only in Discussions and OT Subjects in Conversations.

Everyone was very upset over it all and now trying to move forward and have some fun with some good suggestions under Discussions. It would not be a good thing to continue any further discussions.

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ok, well, I shall ask no more...hehe
I will have lots of pictures coming of my summer projects I have done. I will have to wait till I get home in about 3 weeks to post them!! See you all then. Off to Maine on Monday!!!

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