Thinking of getting a built in above ground pool

midwestmamaMay 24, 2012

We have been wanting to get a swimming pool for some time. We have 4 boys ages 3-13. One is a Houdini, so my one deal breaker is it has to have a secure top. We looked at in ground pools but the cost is just not something we can do at this time (or for quite some time...) We have been looking at putting in a Splash Pool A 17x29x4 Splash SuperPool. We would build a deck up and over. These don't have the metal coping that some metal above ground pools do. I spoke to Coverstar that makes and sells automatic locking pool covers and can do an hidden undermount cover by building into the deck. I am having trouble planning my deck in my mind and am looking into local companies for that and will go to the deck forum too. I don't see a lot of information in here on either of these two products and just wondered if there were any thoughts or words of advice? Thanks in advance!

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Seems to me that a deck for this would need to be made of wood. This will likely cause some issues since 5/4" decking needs to be supported, usually with 2x10 or 2x12 lumber.

Without seeing the tracking and mounting they said the can use, it would otherwise expect that the first heavy snow load would tear the tracks out or at least make the mount points very loose in short order. Wood is just too soft to take that kind of load. Those tracks are generally full or nearly fully supported and I just don't see that happened without some really creative engineering and craftsmanship.

If you were willing, putting the tracks and spooling on top of the deck might be a better solution. Still, this seems like a lot of money for an AGP.

The distance from the water's surface and cover's underside needs to be considered. The water supports the cover's weight.

Winterization might also raise some issues and bears looking at and having a solution before starting this. The lines and skimmer need a way to be empty of water so they won't crack when the water turns to ice and expands. The plastics used don't stand a chance.

I would suggest a removable ladder and teaching your Houdini that the penalty for violating the rules is some strict discipline. Don't put a $10,000 cover on a $3000 pool.


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That is an interesting point Scott. The deck would be made from a composite synthetic wood. I could build up a cinderblock base in some places underneath to support the cover if that would help. I was concerned about the cover in the winter based on some other threads I had read and had thought of putting a winter cover for that time period.

I understand that it would be best if Houdini would just learn but the chance of him drowning if he misbehaves and sneaks in is more than I am willing to undertake. If this truly isn't feasible, we will not do a pool.

I am not able to afford a $10,000 on a $30,000 pool. I can swing a $10,000 cover on a $3000 pool. It will be many years before I can afford in ground and I'd rather get something for the kids to enjoy while they are all still at home, yet satisfy my perhaps paranoid concerns about drownings. We live out in the country, there isn't a pool very close so if we want to swim often, this is the way to go. Yet I like the peace of mind that when we aren't in the pool it is actually locked from use. I know that the stretch covers I've seen will be too much hassel and end up not being secured as often, therefor not as safe, or the pool is too much hassel to use as often.

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I would suggest waiting then. Houdini will outgrow it or face far worse consequences I'm afraid. Adding a pool at this stage is not a good idea for you, IMHO.


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