Missing the birthday block swap posts!

judy333July 20, 2007

Being a member of one of this forum's birthday swap groups (the Sunbonnet Susies) and knowing that most of the swap groups do not have any July birthdays, I just wanted to tell you that I miss the posts sharing the excitement of giving to others and the thrill of receiving special "squishies" in the mail! To be honest, I am enjoying the break from making the blocks (lol...I'm getting caught up on my quilt guild's projects!) and hope that all of you are having a restful, yet fun, summer.

Also, a huge "thank you" to those of you who were wondering how my health was doing. This week I got the answer to why I've had so many shoulder/arm problems for the past several months. An MRI showed that I have "severe degenerative disk disease" by my C6 and C7 vertebrae (in other words, my neck is aging!!!). There's nothing really that can be done except for neck excercises and getting used to waking up with pins and needles in my arms. The neurologist I saw today said that thankfully it's not severe enough to need surgery. YAY!

Ah, the joys of turning 50!

Judy in Massachusetts

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Oh I have 4 years to go and I still wake up in pain every morning. I say to my DH if it's this bad now what can it be like in 10 years! The trials of living in this world.

I wish to jump in a birthday block swap next year, it sounds like so much fun!


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Vicky , you can have my spot in January.

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Judy, try regular massages. I have had a stiff neck for years (not due to any disc disease that I'm aware of), but have started getting a massage every month. That along with stretching has made a world of difference. Four friends and I get together once a month for a "Spa Chicks Night". We have found an esthetician and masseuse who come to our houses (we take turns hosting) and we each get a facial and a 25 minute massage. With tip it costs us a total of $60.00 each...and the hostess is free!

Anyway, glad you're dooing better. I have been using our hiatus to get a jump on the remaining blocks. Finished 2 yesterday and I hope tofinish the rest this week.

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You know I had just looked over the Birthday Block list and alot of names on my list has not posted in a long time .
Sure hope they are still around ????

ps : I am last on the list!!!

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Vicky -

I'm so glad you are interested in joining a birthday block swap group next year! This is my first year participating in this swap...and it has been WONDERFUL! Please don't hesitate to join a group when the opportunity arises (I think sometime early fall...ladies, do you remember when we commit to this???)

Again, Vicky (and anyone else reading this post who is on the fence about participating in such a swap), please join us!

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Yes Betty,

I am at the end of my list too, I am in 2 groups. It kinda worries me when people join will they we there at the end of the year. But it always works out. There are several poeple MIA that dont post but could lurk. This will be my last one, I still have not put mine together from last year. But its so exciting as they come in the mail. And I enjoy making them and creating block I normally would not make.


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Sue7972..Spa nite....how great! I used to be a massage therapist. It's so nice you get a pkg deal! People usually only think of massage as "relaxation", but there is so much more massage can do for a body. Glad you are taking care of yourself!

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