shimmering sea mixed in pebbles or sprinkled over finish?

mscazMay 6, 2011

It is almost plaster time for our pool. We are going with Wetedge Satin finish (smaller pebbles like the pebblesheen). We have decided to add the abalone shells. For those of you who added the sparkly shells, was it mixed into the plaster already as they spread it?? I have been told that they are going to sprinkle the shells over the top as they spread the pebble mixture. Supposedly the shells will be more visible this way since I won't have half the shells disappear because they are not at the surface when spread. Also, I've been told that I will need less bags of the abalone this way. I'm just afraid that the shells won't be spread out evenly if they are just being tossed on top and that we will end up with clumps of sparkle in some areas and bare spots in others. Has anyone else had the plaster installers sprinkle the abalone directly on the surface as they spread the mixture??? Thanks for the info.

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depends on the selection. Some color selections have the abalone premixed in the product. Some are added by hand.

The Wetedge installers are very good. I wouldnt worry about the consistency of the shells.

I've done a ton of these (installed both ways)with no issues.

Like I said, Wetedge and Pebbletec installers are trained, certified, and given "territories" by the manufacturers. Bad plaster installers simply cant afford to get certified. If you are going with the name brand product, you will have a really good installation crew. Explain your concerns to your builder/remodeler, but I would worry too much.

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I am also trying to include the abalone shells in the intstallation of my pool finish. CBL Industries is the manufacturer of the product I have been introduced to. I would like to read up on the different products available. I live in Florida and not many pool installers have recommended Wetedge or Pebbletec. I know that several of my friends have Pebbletec but it was installed a few years ago. Please let me know what you have decided to go with and if you have any pictures that would be great too. My pool contractor said that he was going to get several bags and mix up different selections and let me choose which one I liked the best. I just wish I could travel somewhere to see all the choices installed in a pool with water before I made a decision so final as this.

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I chose the Blue Lagoon Pebble Tec and had the Shimmering Sea shells added. They just had a small bag and sprinkled them over the surface of the pool by hand. It's not completely consistant. I think there are more on the tanning ledge, steps, and benches than just on the floor of the pool. We have really enjoyed it, for sure.

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