Never MT vs. other soap dispensers

eleenaMarch 13, 2013

I am confused about this.

A Kraus sink/faucet combo I ordered for the clean-up sink had a soap dispenser included.

I have read time and again on this board that Never MT is the next best thing after sliced bread (well, almost). So, I went to Amazon to order it and I cannot figure out why it is better than any other "built-in" soap dispenser.

Could you please explain?


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NeverMT isn't a soap dispenser. You still need to purchase a soap dispenser. NeverMT is a tubing system attaches to the bottom of your soap dispenser instead of using the bottle that comes with your dispenser. Tubing goes from the bottom of your dispenser and into a large bottle of dish soap, hand soap, or whatever soap you'd like to use so you don't have to refill the small soap bottle that comes with your dispenser.

I'll link it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: NeverMT with photos

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The one on Amazon sold by KitchenSource is ~$56 and includes the dispenser. The one you linked is only $10. I take it does not include the dispenser. Do you know if it is the only difference?

It seems that I could an additional kit to be used with the Kraus dispenser I already have, no?

Silly, but I find it hard to visualize and I know that after I see, I'll be surprised that I did (find it hard).

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I haven't seen a combo dispenser and neverMT on amazon. If you already own a soap dispenser, then buy the cheap kit I linked. Or DIY your own. If you search this site, you'll find descriptions of how to do it. I knew that's would probably take my DH about about 96.766 months to make mine, and I didn't want to fuss with doing my own. I have enough to do. So I bought mine.

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Just want to chime in to say that after 18 months in the new kitchen we finally decided this week to install a Never MT.
We were tired of hitting our head as we crawled under the sink every few months to refill the soap dispenser (from under the counter) We got the Never MT for about 10 dollars online. It works perfectly with our Rohl soap dispenser.

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Thank you!

My DH wouldn't even attempt it, especially with $10 being a price of a sandwich, LOL

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OK, sold!

The Kitchen Source version confused me. However, their dispenser looks decent, I am get it in addition to whatever faucet I decide on.


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I want one also! Just have to get over the shipping costs....

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I liked mine so much I put one in the kitchen and at the utility sink. And now that I realize I can I am considering taking it out of my old house when I move!!!

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Buy multiple and give the extras as gifts as guests rave over what you have...good luck!

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Good idea but don't they have to have a hole for the "built-in" dispenser?

Also, does anyone know if I can have an additional hole cut in my existing granite vanity countertop to install a soap dispenser?

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When I asked DH about installing a Never MT in our new kitchen (our second), he pointed out that all you have to do to put soap in the dispenser is unscrew (or just pull out) the pump part from the top and squirt the soap into the bottle. He doesn't see the reason to fool with the Never MT tubing again. I tried it, and he is right.

Anybody else have a soap dispenser that fills this way?

Anybody have one whose spout is long enough to actually clear the edge of the sink? Ours drips down the side of the sink, so we rarely use it anyhow!

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Nancy--most, if not all, dispensers fill from the top nowadays. I did that for years and can't stand it. More often than I not I overfilled and had to clean up a mess.

I've had two different models and brands of soap dispensers. Both have cleared the side of the sink just fine. I carefully selected my current dispensers with spout length in mind. Most specs I looked at had spouts long enough, but there are a few stubby ones on the market.

Soap dispensers are one of my favorite things ever!

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Will this work with any model dispenser?

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Holly- Kay

Thanks for the link breezy. I bought three and will get a fourth free.

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I agree. I fill my from the top, and it usually leads to a mess. I'm going to get the Never MT!

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I used to fill mine from the top and got the mess, both from pulling the tube out of there and from spilling while filling. The neverMT is very nice since I now buy the mega size dishliquid bottle and just use that and don't have to worry about it for about year or more.

I need to get a new pump though. I don't think mine does a good job of holding the dish liquid in place after some time. Say in the morning I have to do a lot of pumping before anything comes out. However it holds it long enough so if I use it a lot it doesn't do that. I think that is an issue with my dispenser though and not the NeverMT.

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