July 16-31 KOKOs

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJuly 16, 2008

We must really be busy with all our family time. Isn't it great we have family we can spend time with?

Maybe you read on the Discussions page that DH and I plan to go to the Quilt Retreat in NC. I'm excited about it...and I think he'll enjoy himself once he gets there. I understand the dining room is a good walk from the sewing area, so that'll help me get exercise to walk off the goodies from the snack table.

I'm working on turkey blocks for a table runner....gotta keep my eye on the goal.

Everyone enjoy......


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Hi all,
It does seem like we are busy. My grands from TX are back. They were coming on the weekend but DH had to be in Houston on business so he picked them up instead, a couple of days early, to save my DD the gas price! They entertain themselves very well. We live on water so they are out fishing this morning. Big brother had to come in about 3 times to convince his sister to come out. They have a trolling motor on the boat and can go as long as they stay in our canal with life jackets on. They, of course, think at 8 and 11 that they are all grown up. We also have walky talkies. I guess I'm a little cautious but they have proven they are trust worthy. Of course when I and DH think of the things we did as kids---we try not to smother them! I will have 1 for a week (actually 10 days and the other 2 weeks) The older is going to a pre-teen camp with church.

I did sew a little quilt top together yesterday. I had the blocks made. It is a baby quilt and the birth is only a month away. It is a matching quilt. There is two of each print of bugs, etc. It is turning out cute.
I also started a throw with our neighbor hood group. I am going to do it in blocks (9 blocks about 22" square each) and quilt on the machine as I go. I am using the emboidery machine and a stitch on the sewing machine. I got one block done and am looking forward to doing more.
My next two weeks will be dedicated to my grands.

Try to stay cool (both literally and figuratively :)


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Sharon you are extremely fortunate to have a hubby that will accompany you to places YOU want to go.
Mine is the same, but I know so many that are not!!!
Sally I agree they are protected sounds like they are having a great time. I would babysit when I was 9 and now I do not want my 14 yr old DGD to go to the mall LOL. Times were so very different, we honestly did not lock our car doors at all.
I am looking forward to seeing your quilts.
I have a calcium deposit on my thumb that I am having surgically removed so I will not be sewing and quilting for about a month. Whine, whine, whine LOL!!!!
It keeps growing and it hurts so it is time, but I still have been putting it off.
It is getting cooler here, our weather has dropped to 89 today and we are getting afternoon showers. I hope Atlanta is.

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Sally, It sounds like the kids are having a ball and I don't think you're being over protective. As long as they stay in your canal and you can keep an eye on them and contact them thru the walky-talkies, I think it's great they can go out in the boat at that age. Shoot, DH and I have to use our cell phones to find each other in Walmart! I've even sat on the couch and called him out in the yard to tell him he had a phone call! lol You just keep enjoying those grandkids!!!!

Rosa, I'm sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery, but hope it'll take care of the problem. I think you're more sorry that you aren't able to quilt or sew. Are you able to set up your emb machine and just let it do it's thing? Yes, my hubby will go with me places, but this is the farthest I've asked him to go.....good thing I didn't have to beg for too long, my knees were hurting (just kidding). I've gone with him plenty of times for his bonsai conventions, but we don't do those anymore.

We've been having heavy duty storms every afternoon. Our computer guy told us to actually disconnect from the phone line everytime we go off-line to save our modem. This is the second one we've fried. The first one was literally melted and this one had a hole right thru it! So, we're disconnecting now. The weird thing is though, this time, the electric just flickered.

Here's a link to the block I'm using for a table runner. I'm doing the one with 3 blocks and using a dark brown background.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy your day......


Here is a link that might be useful: Dresden Plate Turkey block

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Hello all, I have not posted for so long that I could hardly remember my name. Everyone must be busy as the site has slowed down some. I can't really say what I have been up to either. I finally got my backing fabric for my nieces wedding quilt so hopefully this weekend I can make some progress on that. My DD wants to start her t-shirt quilt tonight. Her blocks may end up being 20 inches as some of the designs are quite large. We will need to sketch it out and count shirts.I am hoping that it can be her project and she can use my old machine and do the sewing. My list is long of UFO's without starting a new project.

Otherwise, I have been kayaking and golfing and a little yard work. DH takes care of the big garden and I try to sneak out of it. I really have gotten so it is WORK and what is a short trip down to the garden gets long. I have been pretty good at my exercise and found a class that I enjoy but I can only get there once a month. It is called circuit training and it is stations that you alternate cardio and resistance training.Nice instructor.

Sally, can I come on the boat??? I will watch the kids.LOL.
Vicky, hope your recovery will go well. Keep us posted. Will it be hard to type?
Sharon, glad you are home.

KOKO everyone because we have to do it when we are able.

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I wanna go on the boat, too!!! The Gulf temp is 92º per the Tampa noon news. It's a wonder everyone doesn't show up with a bar of soap! This heat is really bothering me so I'm not doing much except sewing and drinking iced tea. Finished the Turkey Runner and am working on a Take 5 pattern. Don't know why with all those UFO's that are stashed away! I'm also playing around with a Scottie Dog pattern that a gal wants. I found a couple online, but didn't really like either one, so am combining the two, but I still don't know.

It looks like, no matter what, we keep on quilting if we don't do anything else. Weddings, babies, t-shirts and don't forget, Christmas isn't that far off! (chuckle)

KOKO, ladies.


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Hi all,
You are all welcome to come ride the boat. We have missed one day this week due to rain. We won't go tonight because we are invited to a suprise b/d party for a 50 year old friend. She's a young chick but still our friend. Ha. But Saturday will probably be spent on the water. Our DGS, who was supposed to leave on Sat., got a one day extention and he thinks we just live to take him out wake boarding.:)
Next week will be a little easier because the DGD isn't quite as interested in being out.
We did make DGD a new little quilt about 45' square. It is posted on the gallery. She did help some.

I also finished a matching quilt for our pastor & wife who are expecting their first child next month. I will post it when I get it photoed. It is 5 blocks x 6 blocks of 2 each of bugs, frogs, etc. for him to match.

Sharon, I agree. It is just too hot. We got a little relief as Dollie went by and made it's way to TX. We actually saw the mid 80's a couple of times. It is 5;30 here and my computer says it is 90 degrees out. I don't care for the hurricanes but I liked the relief.


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I vlounteer to go on the boat too!!! I think (I know)Deanna is much more active in this heat than me.
Sally I love your quilts you posted. Dollie gave us weather than was 10 degrees hotter than Sharon's area with more humidity. With everything our temps were 110 or more.
Sharon you know I have to make a turkey table runner now, that is such a cute pattern LOL.
I can't use the embroidery machine as it is so much pressure on my hand to hoop the material. It has to be very tight (like a drum) or the machine goes crazy and the work is UGLY.
I have 4 Sunbonnet Sues that I embroidered before and I cut material that I can machine sew if I keep my thumb taped to my hand tightly and go slooooooooow. Then I ice it as much as I can.
I have been doing everything I can to heal quickly, as the doc pointed out to me I am no longer a 'spring chicken'.
He is as old as I am so I started to point that out to him LOL.
I cleaned as much as I could to get ahead and I am so tired of the politics on the news than I may vote for Mickey Mouse LOL!!!
Sorry it is not a great pic, maybe the quilt will be!!!! The dress is microdot red (doesn't look like white dots but it is!!) with gold organza for the bonnet and umbrella, and she does have arms, they just don't show very well.
I have been lurking so everyone stay cool. My son says August is the hottest month, he loves the beach but he says it has been too hot for him.
I don't get to post a lot but, I'll be back!!

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Howdy gals! Well, you know how when you have things planned then something happens to offset your plans so the whole day is shot? It was just a little thing, but it happened. I finished a quilt yesterday morning, went to get the camera to take a picture and it was gone. DH had taken it on his daylong trip with DSIL. WAAAHHHHHHH....for some reason, it really bothered me. Not really a big deal cause I had other things to do, but I really wanted to get that pic up. Oh well, I could take it Monday, right? NOPE! I woke up hearing voices around 7:30 (early for me)... DD dropped off DGD for the day....now she's laying on the floor (where I was going to put quilt for pic) sleeping through TV programs. When my routine gets out of whack, the whole day seems to go.....I haven't even taken my meds yet cause I haven't been back in my bedroom since I rushed out to see what was going on.

It's 10:30am and only 84º... I have plans for DGD to snip off the triangles of the Shooting Star I'm still working on later on today. I got most of a Jack-O-Lantern block together and now need to figure out how to make it into a table runner or topper. I was inspired by the pic mayme posted last Nov.

Rosa, Hope you heal up quickly and are staying cool. I'm sure your quilt will be beautiful. You could get the fabric together for the Turkey Runner to be ready to jump on it when you can, right? lol

Sally, Keep on enjoying the grands as they grow up fast and will soon have their own agendas.

On a side note: If you do daily devotions, or when you give thanks, please help our family give Praise to the Lord that the court finally awarded DGS custody of his 7 yo daughter. The Indiana court system is always on the side of the mother, but this mother has finally proven to the judge her household isn't the best place for my great-granddaughter. I feel bad for the 2 yo that's left there and for the one due in Oct.

I guess I better get started on my day....it's hard to KOKO in this heat.


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Checking in to say hello. Heading out with my mom and 2 sisters to see a Norman Rockwell display about 3 hours from here. Hopefully to also shop a little, hit a quilt store, a JoAnns, a scrapbook store, stop to see my brother, and of course lunch somewhere.

The summer is going way too fast and have been pretty good about walking, yoga and a little kayaking. Got my nieces wedding quilt done but the pictures look so washed out. It is a pale green and my daughter said, I like the quilt but not the gray that you used. So the picture makes it look even worse. I am happy with it.

Take care everyone and keep eating that great fresh fruit and vegies that are in season right now. KOKO


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It is hard to believe it is Aug.1st. Today is the last day my DGD will be here. It is bitter sweet. I will miss having the children but it will be nice to get back to my routine. A month of riotious living makes me afraid to get on the scales. But I just have to KOKO and I am much better off than I was in Jan. I haven't lost all. Back to walking and eating better.

Rosa, I like your sun bonnet lady. Hope you are healing quickly. Good time to read. I just finished reading Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. Someone had mentioned it here and I found it at the library. I have read several of her books and I liked this one the best. If you read it, let me know what you think.

Sharon, I do give thanks for your DGGD's better living situation. It is so hard to see things with our grands we can't do anything about.
It sure looks like you have been busy sewing--I like your jack-o-lantern.

Deanna, How was the Norman Rockwell display? I have always liked him and have several books of his paintings. Hope your entire trip was good.

Have a great weekend and KOKO.

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