Artistic Pavers - Shellock or Stonelock

Sprstr13May 17, 2011

We are interested in using either Shellock or Stonelock Artistic Pavers for the decking around our pool. We really like the look of the pavers and available 12"x12" coping. We also like the Ashlar pattern they are laid in for the decking.

One of the pool builders we are considering recommends them highly and stated they are higher quality than the typical concrete pavers.

We spoke to another of the pool builders we are considering and he stated that his company stopped using them a couple of years ago due to quality issues w/the shells coming out and issues with the coping.

Has anyone used Artistic Pavers? How do they hold up over time? Are they worth the extra expense? Is travertine a better option?

Thamks in advance for your help!

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I just got Shellock because I love the shell and am very tired of regular concrete pavers. They definitely stay cooler in direct sun than our neighbors pavers. The Stonelock is pretty neat, too, but a
title harder to clean, according to the couple of PBs we talked to about it.
We haven't had ours long enough to judge durability, but they are used in a lot of commercial establishments here in Florida. The pool at Sarasota Yacht Club is surrounded by ivory Shellock and they have problems keeping it clean the very high traffic areas - where non-pool traffic passes by stairs.
I know shells are going to come out here and there. If it bothers me I can just fill it with grout. I don't think it's any worse than the chipping and wearing I see on concrete pavers.
Also, I don't think it's as slippery when wet as travertine. More than regular pavers which I think are often rough.
Hopefully you can see the real thing before you have to decide. I loved it when I saw a corner of an indoor showroom with it.
One local builder here had a showroom pool with it, which helped me decide.

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