Physical Therapy......and I am still alive !

grammypJuly 10, 2007

Had my first PT this morning mostly paperwork and evaluations. Did get ultrasound, neurostimulation, instructions on what I can and can't do, exercise bands and a list of exercises to do at home. I can't sit on the couch (leans back too far) and can sew and quilt, as long as my elbows stay beside my body and don't extend in front of me and my arms are supported at all times (I'll have to work on that one). Can't lift anything to the side from the shoulder or let my head lean to the back. Can't do repititive things for more than 10 minutes at a time without a break. Mostly things I had already figured out when it hurt to do them. I will do my exercises, take my medicine and see how it goes.


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How nice that you are still allowed to sew and quilt! I hope this advice will end with you being able to do more with less pain.

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