DH is retiring !

scraphappyJuly 15, 2006

I'm happy for him - he needs to, but I sure hope he doesn't put permanent roots down in front of the TV! He'll be done with work middle of August, and I'm going to just let him decompress for a while. He has a classic-car hobby, but can't do too much with that on a daily basis. Wish me luck. This will be a change for both of us!

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Your life is really gonna change now. Maybe you can take up camping or doing something together now. Maybe he will quilt, maybe. I hope you two find something that is fun, you have earned the time so be sure to enjoy it.


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Wishing you luck.Mine talks about it and my DH would put permanent roots down in front of the TV!That's his hobbie LOL!

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You are going to love it! DH and I both retired this last year. I was afraid we'd watch too much TV, but it is seldom on. I know we used it to relax when we were working. Now we don't need to work so hard at relieving our stress. But if he does keep it on all the time, tune into the food channel. Maybe he'll be inspired to start cooking :)

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Sue, what a wonderful idea. I will have to try that one on my DH. All he watches now is the Tour De France.


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Years ago my DH started watching Emeril Live. He now does all the grocery shopping and the cooking...he's been doing this for several years now. My life is good!

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Congratulations to you and your husband Scraphap. Retirement is a long awaited life event.

DH retired when he was 56, his career was his life and I thought he would lose his identity. Not even close! We had our future preplanned -- the day he walked out of his office, we walked into the motorhome and took off for eight glorious years and explored the US.

The most important thing is to have a goal. Without one, it seems daytime TV becomes a habit and snacking keeps you company. We met people like that even on the road.

Sue it's great that your DH has a hobby of cooking and Emeril -- I bet you both get a lot of enjoyment out of that.

A friend of ours DH went right to the community center and took up line dancing, and did it for years. His wife wasn't retired yet, and it was great with her that he took it up.

Another retired male friend took up bike riding, and is so fit he and his wife both ride and join riders on major biking trips.

Isn't it wonderful that retirement is there for us and we can do whatever we want!?

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Hmmm...he does watch the food channel - there's a thought!

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Have fun, enjoy. He'll probably develop a rythme to his day. Hope DH doesn't try to 'improve' how the house is run to keep busy. I was lucky when we closed the store nothing changed except the landscape. We'd been working together 24/7 since 1989 so DH is well acquainted with my habits.

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Wow, the Food Network inspires you guys to COOK? It only inspires me to eat! I'll never like cooking and never be good at it. I think DH has figured that out after 23 years!


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My DH retired May 26 of this year. We are still trying to adjust. He is 57 and doesn't have any hobbies except working on the lawn. He worked nights most of his working years so that was an adjustment too.
Linda OH

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