Stray Kitty Suggestions

redpennyJuly 18, 2007

There is this darling kitty who keeps showing up at my house...he is just too of course i have been feeding him....and DGS plays with him,,,the kitten is so gentle and loving....I am thinking of keeping him....

I know he is afraid of other cats......ask me how I know LOL.. The little kitten pushed my door open which I just had close because i went inside to get him some food..well when he came in the living room I had my crew sitting at the front door...they started to smell him and he freaked out and started hissing at crew just sat there looking at him LOL..then he ran out the door....this was a few days ago but he still comes around....he just doesn't come in the front door.LOL...I am trying to figure out how not to have him afraid,,,,of my cats,,,,I was thinking of putting him in a carrier I have a very large one for a dog

and just letting him be around them....he is a male kitty..

so I would have to take him also to vet to be fixed and get his my crew....I will try to get a pic of him and post...he is just too sweet and would fit right in with mine....any suggestions....


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The crate is a good idea Red. He's been alone and has probably had to fight for food. If he comes to you and came in the house, then he probably isn't ferel yet..that's good. Your crew and the new kitty will probably have to duke it out a few times to get the pecking order in place...that's normal. But a trip to the vet should be high priority. He might have worms or ear mites he could give your cats (another good reason for the cage until you get him to vet). Once you put him in the cage and in the're stuck with him! lol. Once everyone gets used to each other, start opening the cage door and let him explore. Give him a fleece blankey, a small pan for litter use and his own food/water bowl in the big cage. This will give him "his own space" to start with and help let him feel safe. Lots of petting, and sweet talk will help him bond with you, too. Within a few days, they should all start getting used to each other.
Let us know how it's going! Good luck

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It may be wise to have a feline luekemia test done. You don't want to subject your other cats to it..and fight scratches are one way of passing it on.

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he is very loving and gentle...Dgs can pick him up and carry him all over...he purr'ssss his little heart out and he never puts out his nails....he is a very sweet kitty....
thanks for your repley!

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I agree with wooday that his own place for a while would be a good start. You have other cats so I would take him to the vet before taking him into the house to make sure he doesn't have anything that could harm your "crew."
We have one cat, her name is Kitty and she was just left at our last house when we bought it. My daughter tamed her and it took a long time. At first no one could even touch her now 12 years later she is the most friendly cat and even jumping up into our laps. She has come a LONG way. So slow and steady wins the race.


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Give him time. Ditto idea of crate. Then you can move him to a larger space a spare room if you have it. He'll come around in his own time.

10 years ago our 'former' cat, Mama, adopted our puppy and it took several years before she would sit on our laps. She'd use the dog door to come & go as she pleased. Since the fire she has been living with DD#1 behind us. She is very happy now as in inside cat at the 'retirement home'. Her housemates are two of her kittens & a Yorkie and she loves to play with them.

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I've found that with time the old ones get used to the new ones! I think he'll blend in quite well!


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Oh, thanks Red for taking care of the little stray. Woodsy's advice sounds good. I have isolated each of my "new" cats in a room for at least a week and one vet trip. With one cat, I had the door fixed at one inch open so they could smell each other, but eventually I had to find a new home for him. It just did not work out. The last kitten I brought home from rescue was so happy to see other cats it was never a problem. Since your kitties just sat and looked at him, I think that is a really good sign and the new guy will more than likely adjust. When do we see pictures and what will you name him?

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Well patches stray kitties new in my sons room.
His room is off the laundry room so he is spending time with my son and DGS who is just thrilled.....we are trying to see if anyone owns him so far NO! Right now patches is fast asleep and safe from all the wild kitties outside and believe me there are quite a vet is on vacation so I will have to wait for her to get back....I am keeping him from my cats...because he is afraid of other cats....
will get a pic tomorrow of him.

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Red, I just say the post about your new kitty...What a lucky little fellow to have found you.....How's is going with him? We need updates and of course a picture....You know I'm a huge cat lady and need to know....Dorothy

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Yes, Yes a picture of the little fellow. How is he fitting in?


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