Got a cold or something...

grammypJuly 23, 2007

It seems our computer has caught something and keeps shutting down. The experts say it is not a virus, but something connected with an "automatic update" to something We will have to have to do some major disk cleaning so I will have to use the desk top downstairs. Since MIL goes to bed early these days, I may or may not be around for a while, but don't worry, I'll check in when I can.


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Ooops! I thought you had caught a cold, Bev! So I'll just say "poor little computer" - hope it is well soon.

You take care, Beverly!

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My son & his wife didn't know that you had to clean the computer. They were all ready to buy a new computer because theirs didn't work anymore. The SIL that passed away took it home and fixed it - did a disk clean-up, de-frag, checked for spyware & virsus, etc. SIL said that DS & DIL got the prize for most stuff he'd ever seen.

DIL thought it just might have been the grands surfing so she now keeps them off.

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It seems that regardless of all of the disk cleaning and up keep we do every day, we have to take the comouter in about every 2 years!!!

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Did you "get well" yet, Beverly? We're waiting on one computer in the shop (an employee's, full of viruses, a lot of corruption--the computer, not the employee), and then have to take in the scanner/printer.


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