I'm back....what have I missed?

dragongoddessJuly 7, 2007

Hi all.

Sorry I haven't been around, I've been dealing with some home stuff. My father has been ill, they kept telling him it was back pain. After 3 months of complaining, his doctor referred him to a cardiologist to convince him it wasn't cardiac pain - in for a surprise, stupidhead! They put him right in the hospital after the cardiac cath, and he had emergency triple bypass Monday - he came home yesterday.

Haven't quilted in a month - bought a ton this afternoon, birthday block and new block of the month fabric is washing at the moment. Going to try to get one a day done, as I am behind in my other forum group, and need to do one for amcfeely - I finally found what I hope are good homespuns online, as my LQS doesn't carry them. I hope to do one a night and get caught up and then ahead, as I also have a few baby quilts to do. And I bought Christmas fabric today! So I will be sewing like mad.

What's happened to the forum while i've been away- can someone fill me in? And please comment if something major happened to you that you think I should know about!

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LOL...WOW...I'll let someone else explain what's been going on in the forum:(

I hope your dad is ok. I will keep him in my prayers.

Sounds like you have lots to do. You might like to check out Red thread "Girls with Goals" We are forming sort of a support group to help with setting small weekly goals and getting some stuff done. We are having lots of fun so far, and it seems most are already getting to work and getting things done.


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Oh my gosh DG! I hope he changes doctors now. I'm so glad he insisted it was serious & they did the test.

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Welcome back dragongoddess!
Wow! I wouldn't even know where to start on what you've missed except look for the post about posting more quilt related posts started by sandra_ferguson. I think it was posted last Monday. Then it goes from there.
I'm sure glad to hear your dad is doing better. A back ache, huh? Sure glad the cardiologist was on the ball.

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The big change is only quilting stuff on the Discussion Board and OTs are under conversations. This started June 30 and things are getting back to normal today. If you want to read the details, review the posts in the past week.
Glad to have you back!

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I hope your dad is on the road to recover! My dad's heart blockage manifested itself as heartburn. He was going through Tums by the bottle full. Once they figured out he needed bypass surgery, the heartburn went away!


PS - welcome back!

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Welcome back, DG. So glad they found out in time what was wrong with your father's "back," but it is scary to think they could miss the diagnosis so long! I hope he will be feeling well soon.

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