Plain ol'concrete salt finish decking?

Lori BApril 23, 2013

Does anyone use plain concrete with salt finish for decking? And a light colored cast for coping? When I look on Pinterest or Houzz I'm not sure the material I am looking at. It looks like plain concrete to us. But after further investigation, often times we find it is limestone or travertine.

We have an existing salt finish concrete patio that we will be tying into. It is unstained but it has gotten dingy from leaves, acorns, etc. Is it a bad idea to use plain concrete around a pool? We like the classic look and nothing dark or brown. Our home is Spanish style (yellow stucco) with a multi colored red tile roof.

If you know of pictures of concrete, please direct me to the links.

I would also be interested in knowing how limestone or travertine compares in cost to concrete. Any way to estimate the percentage premium?

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