Anyone have Monarch Composite Decking?

stu2900June 14, 2008

After hearing all the negatives of Trex, we're looking at Monarch for a deck we're building. I know some people on this forum have used it and am wondering how it has held up.

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Monarch decking is ok, made similar to fiberon, weatherbest (now bought out by fiberon), & premier ( now lattitudes). A mid grade composite that is very dense & heavy. It does hold up well, but will scratch easily. It does not have the mold/mildew issues that trex has.


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WE have Monarch decking and it is was installed in 2005 and then finished up in 2007. We face east and get full sun most of the day in the summer,(no trees). Were also in the country so we get plenty of wind. We have terrible mold problems with the deck. We cleaned it with a deck cleaning solution and also powered washed it only to have the mold reappear one week later. We were told to send pictures which we did twice. They said they never recieved them! We then sent them certified mail. They finally responded giving us the run around....two plus two never did add up to four. They are suppose to be out again tomorrow but I am expecting no satisfaction. Last time they told me they knew of a company that would clean and seal it and then guarantee it for three years. I replaced our wood deck for this?! I told them its funny that none of our wood deck furniture or our wood siding has mold on it! It seems that mold only chose their decking to land on!!!! The sub structure has no mold or mildew on it! Tomorrow will tell but we have a lawyer lined up and it is sad companies no longer admit to their problems and treat their customers fairly!

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birdy63, do you have an update for us, please?

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martin_carthage has some info on preventing mold.

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I installed this product for a customer in 2005 and was initially very happy with it, it looked great! Now, 5 years later, the finish is totally faded and there are gaping cracks or splits about 1/2" to 3/4" in from the edges of the boards that run the entire length of the boards. I would stay away from any composites and if you are going to spend the money for a high end composite, instead opt to use a wood like Ipe or Tiger Wood or Iron Wood.

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It appears Monarch is OUT OF BUSINESS. We have a $13,000 deck that is only three years old. It has terrible mold problems that we take care of at least 2-3 times a year; but the worse part are the splitting boards. That 20-year guarantee is WORTHLESS!

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I sent in my application last Sept. for someone to review & get back with me within 2 weeks re----HUGE CRACKS ON THE SIDES OF THIS JUNK !!--------NO ONE responded-----Now it seems their web site has mysteriously dissapeared !
Does anyone know of any class action suits in the works-???---I DO know that the Monarch name is gone, but they are still in business under a new name.

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Wow! I'm really glad we didn't go with Monarch!

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I installed some monarch in 2007. It has split onthe vertical surfaces and is expanding on the horizontal serfaces, closing the gaps between the planks. do not power wash!!! has anyone had a structural failure. yet? my lumberyard has filed a claim with the company that has purchased monarch. I'll post as info is recieved. I would not install a similar product untill the reason for the failure has been discovered.

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We built a new house in 2005 and put on a deck with the Monarch composite decking. It is the worse decking I have ever seen. Ours is cracking, spliting, stained, and we put an outdoor rug down, not rubber backed, and it is stainde where the rug laid. I would never recommend this product to my worst enemy. Does antone have an address or email address that I could have, it would be appreciated.

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I called to day to follow up on my claim with Biewer Lumber the distributor for Monarch Exotic Decking. I had a claim that they agreed they would replace last Sept 2010 but they never settled on what they were going to send and now Monarch is out of Business and Biewer Lumber is not supporting the warranty either. They made a profit selling so I'm looking ot get me deck replaced.

Any update on the class action lawsuit?

What is the new company's name that took over the Monarch?

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I think the company that is making Monarch also makes PC Ultima.

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I purchased a home in September 2010 and quickly learned that the Monarch deck, which was added to the house in 2007, is a piece of crap! The deck is completely warped and all of the deck boards have expanded to the point of closing all spaces between the boards. It appears now that all water that lands on the deck, sit on top of the boards until fully evaporated...or shall I say, sit in the 1/2" dips in each board that are a result of the warping. All of this water retention could be the reason for the incredible amount of mold and mildew too.

I power washed the deck and it did not resolve the mold issue. I'm looking into a cleaning agent to help, but the short story of my deck is that I won't even let my kids out on the deck because the boards are sticking up so badly that someone is bound to stub their toe, trip, or worse.

This product is TERRIBLE!!!

If anyone locates any class action lawsuits, new company ownership or warranty information, please pass it along.

Perhaps we should start a class action lawsuit of our own?

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What absolute junk - we were talked into using this product from a rep at Home Depot. The worst of it is our 1x6 expensive facia we used to wrap around the deck. Within 1 year the facia has bowed out in several areas at least 3 to 4 inches spanning about a foot. In fact all the boards are now warping to some degree. Mold? yep Scratches? yep Junk? yep Its obvious why they went out of business.
A class action? Count me in Good thing no one can get screwed by this company anymore.

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Same issues!! Installed Monarch composit decking August 2006. Have terrible splits in the boards. mold issues...we have found best cleaning method is Tilex mold/mildew sprayed on decking,(easier to put 8-10 bottles in pump sprayer) wait few minutes and brush in with shop broom then spray off...pray next day is sunny and use roller to apply a coat of Superdeck brand composite deck sealer (will ship to local Do-It-Best hardware store). Works pretty good, we've been cleaning/sealing spring and fall.

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Same issues here as well. Our original deck, which was not Mondarch, was installed in the fall of 2006 by Archadeck. It failed and Archadeck replaced it at no charge to us in Dec/Jan. of 2010 using Monarch this time. It is now failing just as everyone has described. I would be more than happy to join a class action suit.

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I've had problems for several years with Monarch and my deck and finally last year at the end of the season they came out and said they would replace the bad pieces and I could wait until this season to do it and I called them and find out they are OUT OF BUSINESS and their warranty is useless!!! I'm SO READY FOR CLASS ACTION. Who wants to file and where do we go?? I've had my fill of this and we paid BIG bucks for this junk.

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Add us to the list of people with bad Monarch Decking. We installed ours in August, 2006. We also have a mold problem, splitting, and a coarsening of the surface. Ugh.

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I've been on the phone with Home Depot since that is where I bought my deck and I know that the gentleman that was out here had an office inside Biewer Lumber out of St. Clair, MI. Biewer Lumber was the distributor of the product to home Depot. I have no idea where any of you are from, but if you are interested in getting in touch with your own distributor to find out of they get their product from Biewer then maybe we can all inundate them with calls and complaints. Don't know if it is the same distributor for all of us or not, but check with where you purchased, they will know!!! I've called daily since I got the number and if we all can bombard him maybe we can get something resolved. I am also going to be in contact with my State's Attorney since rumor is that they are still in business just under a different name. Whoever posted that needs to do some digging and find out their new name???

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Same complaint with me. I have called lumber jack many times about this issue and sounds like the manufacture is not taking everyone's claims seriously. I would like to keep this thread going so that we can keep track how many people are having these warranty issues.

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I have Monarch decking. I went on line to see if people were having the same problem I am having... split boards expansion, mold, stains. Seems we ALL have the same issue. The deck was beautiful for the 1st summer when I installed it ( 2008)- Now it is splitting and there are no longer gaps between boards. This deck was supposed to last 20 years! Add me to the class action suit.

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Our Monarch Exotics deck was installed winter 2007. We have noticed increasingly serious delamination problems.
In the middle of filing a claim with Monarch, they stopped replying and vanished. Add me to the list for the class action lawsuit.
Our 2nd story deck is large and we're still paying for it. Meanwhile we wonder if it is crumbling.

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As the others have noted in great detail...this deck is worthless in more ways then one! $10K custom made spliting, pulling away from the screws..etc. Count me in regarding any class lawsuit.

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Unfortunately, I too have a deck with Monarch, installed about 5 years ago now. It has failed miserably similar to how others have described and I am told the company is bankrupt and started up under a different name. No recourse left since the company no longer exists. Please let me know if anyboyd hears anything...

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We had this VERY EXPENSIVE deck installed in 2006 and it is a MESS! All the problems that people have written about - DISGUSTED! Would be happy to join a class action suit against whoever!

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I've sent in a request to an attorney for a class action lawsuit to see if anyone would be interested in taking it on. I'll post any information I hear back from them so that anyone else can join if interested. I copied this website in the initial request so that they can see the complaints. Hopefully, we might be about to come up with an answer at least. I know that the distributor in our area says they are reviewing my complaint and will get back in touch with me. I've not heard anything in over two weeks!

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I have about $6,000 worth of decking which Home Depot informs is Monarch. The earlier part of the deck (phase 1 is Fiberon and looks perfect). Phase 2 is Monarch and looks like everyone's descriptions on this forum. Purchased in 2007 Home Depot, 26 Mile Road, Shelby, Michigan. It was distributed by Biewer Lumber, St. Clair, Michigan. I called Steve there, after Home Depot gave me the information, and left a message. There was no return phone call. I am an attorney and I think that they can't waive fitness for a particular purpose. I will be suing them both if they try. I will be doing more research. If they come to an accommodation, e.g. replace the product, I can probably negotiate the same for others. Now the work begins.

Here is a link that might be useful: Contact me. I am going to file suit and will have all the pleadings and research on the issues.

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The lawyer that I had contacted said he could not do anything and to contact another lawyer for another opinion??

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Add us to the list of dissatisfied (what an understatement!) Monarch customers.

I filed a claim in late summer of 2010 (deck was installed in summer of 2005). I obtained a contact name/email address for Monarch from a Customer Service Mgr. at Home Depot. in our area. I received a reply (letter) from one Kathy Pike dated Sept. 28, 2010 with a claim number (100946) and instructions on what was required (pictures/receipts/measurements, etc). I took pictures, copied receipts, typed a letter and sent it late March of 2011. It's now the end of July and haven't heard anything. I tried calling the phone # and get fax machine noises. I tried emailing both Kathy Pike and Kevin Dubay (Monarch Claims Coordinator) and both came back as undeliverable.

Our deck is smaller than some of the other posters as our boards cost about $1,000.00. We're retired and figured that with a 20 year warranty, wouldn't have to worry about replacing the deck in our lifetime.

How wrong could I be?

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We purchased a home with Monarch decking, installed 2006. All the floorboards are split or molded, the rails are all split, the nails popping out or split through the rails. It is off of a 2-story walkout basement and is a major safety hazard. What a mess!!! All of the complaints above we've experienced. Please include us on a class action suit.

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i am unfortunately one who has gotten screwed as well as all you others. if the product you purchased came from PLR Distribution in Oregon (PLR is the distributor that sells the monarch boards to your local lumber store that you bought the decking material from) and you live in Washington State (that's where I live) please contact myself. I have a lawsuit against PLR Distribution in Oregon currently and I have discovered some very disturbing things about PLR. The faulty Monarch product just might have a warranty after all. Hope to hear from you!!!!!

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to expand my request a little further, if the product you purchased came from PLR Distribution and you live in Oregon or any other state, please include yourself in this request, BUT ONLY IF YOUR MONARCH PRODUCT CAME FROM PLR DISTRIBUTION IN OREGON. THANKS!

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The parent companies of Monarch are still in business and still liable for the defective product. Despite claims to the contrary, they are all U.S. based owners. You just have to do some digging and you can recover.

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I was amazed to find that the cracked, moldy and discolored condition of the Monarch decking we installed in 2006 is ubiquitous. As recommended by Lakeside Lumber in Oregon (where we purchased the decking), we have washed it annually with mild dish soap; however, the condition worsens each year.

How can I start "digging to recover" as recommended by a recent posting?

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Has anyone been able to get a resolution to this company selling a terrrible product and getting away with it?

Let me know via email if you have any thought or ideas how to go after Biewer Lumber or Green tree Composites?

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Has anyone yet been successful in obtaining assistance from their State Attorney General's office to resolve their claims about this inferior product?

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Put monarch decking on a dock in 2010, completely warped and now where it gets direct sun the decking is failing where we are breaking through 16" centers. If there is anyone going after the insurance company i would like to know about it.


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It look like there finally may be a class action!

Here is a link that might be useful: Class Action

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It looks like there finally may be a class action!

It looks like there finally may be a class action!

It looks like there finally may be a class action!

Contact Seeger Weiss now!

Posted July 31st, 2013

Here is a link that might be useful: Monarch Exotics Class Action

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385-SF Deck installed in the Summer of 2006 and despite diligent care and maintenance, deck is cracked along the length of most boards. Boards are swollen and uneven throughout. Swelling is very evident at the ends of the boards. Monumental failure by Monarch. I'm working with the lumber company I purchased my decking materials from (Dunn Lumber) to find some sort of recourse. If I find something useful, I will post further details. I've tried the link, posted previously in this thread, to a class action atty and get an error message for that page. There is info regarding a class action lawsuit against LP decking, but it doesn't appear to be related to the Monarch company that went bankrupt (for reasons evident by this thread.) Good luck everyone!

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Green Tree Composites, a Michigan entity, the owner of the Monarch composite decking brand is out of business. Premium Composites, LLC of S. Dakota that actually manufactured the product using dies provided by Green Tree is likewise out of business.

There is no one left to sue. Sorry.

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