How to restore my fence?

abufishJune 9, 2011

Just move in to a home with really old fence (15 years). It looks black-grayish.

I did some research online says the best way is to power wash it, then apply some stain. But some friends told me I can apply semi-transparent stain directly to aged fence. Will that stain stay well? Any suggestions? Can I skip power wash? Thanks!

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You can do it... I just got thru doing my deck and fence and it looks brand new..mine is 9 years old.. Some people will frown on this but... I used mold/mildew cleaner that I got at Home Depot made by Armor All... used to be marketed as a "deck cleaner".. it is 2.88 a gallon, you spray it on with a pump sprayer and watch the old gray run off before your eyes.. hose it off very good afterwards. In some spots I had to put it on a couple of times to get it clean. I let it dry for several days and used Deckscapes semi-transparent oil based stain/sealer on my fence and deck so the color would match. I am more then happy with the results. I did brush the stain/sealer on.
Here are my results...

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