Well, I survived the day!!

jennifer_in_vaJuly 4, 2006

Today was tree-cutting day, as I've mentioned.

We rented a hydraulic lift that could take us (DH) up 50'! And it worked!! It's a good thing we didn't rent the 35'-er because it wouldn't have been enough.

We took a total of 12 trees. Doesn't sound like much...we've done 1/2 that in a day before. What makes this special, you might ask? Well, probably 9 of these trees were 60' tall!! and many were 12" in diameter!! All but 1 of the trees were pines...straight up about 50'.

So our next project is to get all the branches and trunks cut smaller and hauled out of here...can't keep it for firewood :( since it's pine. Once that's done, we do it all again! We still have 15 or so trees we feel comfortable enough with to do ourselves, then 5 or 6 that we may have someone come & do for us.

It's amazing how much light now comes into the yard! Amazing too how much more there still is to do!! LOL

We're sore, tired, hot, sweaty, you name it...but no accidents, no injuries and only a slight mishap with the back fence last night. All said, a successful day!! Wheeww, time for bed yet??

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Wow Jennifer. You were busy today. You deserve a nice soak in a hot tub and an early bedtime.


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and THAT was a holiday???!!! OK Jennifer, I spent the day mostly lolling around--you and your DH deserve an award! Glad to hear that all went well and safe, sounds like a huge undertaking. Some day you'll relax in a lounge chair in your backyard, look around, and say---Can you believe WE did all that?! (that's what we're doing this summer!) Congrats on a job well done, Jill

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Glad you did the job with no major problems or injuries - except to the fence. I can't imaging tackling a job like that yourself.


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Stay safe! Do you know how much money you saved by doing all this yourself? We had a huge oak right by our driveway that we hired to have trimmed out (not cut down, just lower branches off, and tree trimmed out some) - $400 - they hauled off what they cut, too. Amazing how much of a difference it made light-wise in our yard!

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Jennifer -- I bet you SLEPT GOOD last night. Not the funnest day but how nice to have it done and enjoy your yard that much more!

Congrats on your "Git 'er done" day!

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