I'm home again.

grammypJuly 19, 2006

We are back from the lake and in true family tradition, the thunderstormes hit just as we got in the lake, and the plumbing to the kitchen sink developed a leak, DD came Tuesday morning and her front tire was just about flat (nail in the siedwall) so had to get that fixed. Just can't have a trip without something going wrong. We did attract quite a following as we rode, DH and me on the tandem with DGS in the trailor behind. DD came and Tuesday and spent the night. She brought him home this morning. After she got there DH and I got to ride without the trailer and managed to get up to 6 miles at at time and rode 4 times. The new seat is wonderful! DH rides in the front, all I have to do is keep my balance and pedal (or not) and have fun. It is nice having an experienced rider in the front to pull up the hills. We managed quite nicely as long as he remembered to let me know when he was going to coast and when to pedal. I'm not planning any long rides for now, but I must say it was fun.


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beverly, your family trips sound like ours, never boring! Glad you got to ride your tandem, and enjoyed it!!!
Happy to have you back!

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Oh Beverly I am so glad that you got to enjoy your bike. I have been doing 30 minutes a day of walking, yesterday I mowed instead but it still took 30 minutes to get the back yard done. I am working my way up to an hour a day. Plus it is just to darn hot here right now to stay out for to long. I have to walk in the evening, usually right around 8 and the gnats and the mesquitos are out so I walk and swat and walk and swat.


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Amy, would you like a bee keepers suit? It would keep the bugs off and provide a sauna at the same time. DH said we will have to ride every morning before it gets hot. I don't know when that is, we were up at 2am putting that darned bike together and the sweat was just dripping off us. The bike club has daily rides around the area and he wants us to start riding in them. I don't know if I am ready for that yet, traffic still makes me nervous, and I gotta get some better clothes for riding. According to him it takes 11 days to show any improvement in your abilities, so I will give it 2 weeks and see how I do. I must say I don't feel as sore as I thought I would (thanks to a generous hubby and and a new seat)


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I'd look like a lunatic walking the streets at least now I look like all the other people, walking and swatting too. I think I will try some bug spray and see if that helps. We should start a new thread for our challenge on this conversations side, and for anyone else who wants to join. I know there is a diets forum on this site but I don't know any of those people and feel more comfortable being held accountable by all of you instead of a bunch of strangers.


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Glad you had a good time, sounds like a fun thing to do, tandem biking.

How do you live with those thunderstorms! Do you get scared and have you ever had freaky things happen?

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Yes Mel, we have had lots of freaky things happen. Trees have fallen around us, floods, lightening strikes the water ... We have just come to accept it as part of our vacation. I love to watch the lightening and often sit on the deck during storms, especially in Florida over the ocean. Most of the excitement on our vacations involves the mis-adventures caused by Mother Nature. Actually the scarriest was when we were camping at the same place. A little boy caught a catfish that was almost 5 ft long right where we had been swimming the evening before. My first thought was it could have eaten our dog, my second thought was it could have almost eaten me. But it didn't and it got eaten that night. Sometimes I think we need to write a book.


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ahem...a FIVE FOOT LONG CATFISH??? egads
we have blood suckers, but those are nothing compared to that!!! last years adventure for us was a storm that flooded our site by 18 inches, had the water mark on the coolers to go by! we always also seem to have these tornado like microbursts, those are scary. But not catfish that big, nope......wow......yuck!

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