I finally have my crowns!!

glassquiltJuly 6, 2007

Seven visits ago, May 1st, I started getting my crowns. The dentist has been very good about getting them to fit properly. Today after a marathon visit, I have them. She 'glued' one in place and then worked on another patient for an hour. I ran out and paid two bills. Then she worked on the second one successfully and got it glued in place. Started at 1:30 and ended at 5:30.

DH made himself scrambled eggs. My dinner was, once again, a cold, frosty, thick chocolate malt from Oberweiss. No sacrifice is too much - I forced myself to slurp the malt. It is rich enough that I won't be hungry. As a 'side dish' I took some ibuprofen because once the numbness wears off....

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Ah, Queen Glassquilt!

I'm happy you'll be feeling better in a few days, and that you could drink that malt.


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Dental work makes me hurt to think about it... ((glass))

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Woo Hooo!! You had all that work done while recovering from your allergy attack? Wow. I hope you feel completely better from everything fast. If the ibuprofen wears off, maybe take some more feudalism? heehee. Take care of yourself Glass.


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That's great, Glass. It's so hard to concentrate and do anything when there is a pain or other problem inside one's head (and I don't mean "mental" problems!) I'm glad you've finally got your crowns and hope your mouth will be feeling better very soon.

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I hate going to the dentist. I feel terrible that your were "forced" to have a shake for dinner. I am constantly on a diet and would give anything to be able to have one.
I am so glad you got your dental work done. I think mouth pain is one of the worst. Enjoy your new "Crowns" Glass. Colleen

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My husband had two put in last week and two more to go. I know it's painful, but the results are worth it.

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Guess what ..one of my crowns just popped out .I was eating peanuts and all of a sudden I crunched on something .. One of my older crowns. Darn, the dentist bill was just paid off..Oh well thats life. mary in Va

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