It's Time to Head North....

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJuly 9, 2007

I'll be leaving Wednesday morning, flying to Indiana and staying for at least a couple months. DH is going with me this year, but only staying a few days (because of my mom's 90th BD bash in Michigan) and then will come back home. I'll be staying in Warsaw IN (most of the time) but do plan to go back to the Battle Creek area for a week or, anyone in the area, if you want to meet up, let me know. I have one big suitcase packed with sewing supplies, quilts, schlep bags and book bags for a school in's barely under the 50# limit! I really shouldn't have lifted it as much as I have, but, I did.

We hope to have one final big family picture taken with mom. There are 48 of us left and 20 of those are my family. One of my DGS's just left to go to Hawaii with People to People so he won't be there. Bummer!

To the Linda's in Ohio (and anyone else), I still would like to meet up with you in Fort Wayne.....just don't have a date yet. Is there any time better than another for either of you?

I'll be able to check in from DD's computer when we get there......I might have to sign up to use it though. She has three kids and three foster kids! @:)


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Have a good time and safe travel!

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I hope you have a wonderful summer and I snicker at the 50lb of sewing stuff! We will look forward to some pictures.


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What's the matter? Too hot here in Florida?
I poured out a quart of sweat in the air conditioning just trying to sandwich a quilt so I envy you!
Not really, I love it here when all the folks are gone.
Have a safe and wonderful time!

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Sharon, I would love to meet with you in Fort Wayne. My DS is getting married on July 21 so I am busy until after that date. I also work M-F from 9 to 1. I could meet in the afternoon or on the weekend. The Quilt Fabric Shop has closed so we can't meet there. Did you have any special place in mind?
Linda OH

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Have a safe trip and a nice visit my friend.


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Thanks, Teresa.

Jean, DH isn't snickering, but he knew it would happen! Last year, I bought a machine and left it at DD house. Just can't get away from sewing..... @:)

Susie, I retired last year, so it was my first year to spend the summer with 2 of my DD's and their families in Indiana. I've been watching the weather up there...looks like it's as hot there as it is here!!!

Linda, I sent you an email.

Thank you, Beverly. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and doing some heavy bonding. My baby brother will be 60 tomorrow.....just doesn't seem possible.

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That sounds like fun. Depending on when I might be able to join you. You won't be that far from me. I made it to Oklahoma - I ought to be able to get to the far side of Indiana.

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Have a good trip, Sharon! Sounds like your daughter has a busy household with 6 kids! One of my cousins and her husband are foster parents. They had 4 kids of their own and always had 1 or 2 foster kids, 2 of which they adopted. They are now in their mid 60's and still foster parenting!


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Sharon, I guessing that I'm about 21/2 hours North West of Battle Creek. I see you won't be very far from Shipshewana. If I happen to get down there before you go back South maybe we could meet up. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.
Mayme in West MI

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glass, Just take the toll road to 69 and head south! @:) Even if none of this happens, it's still fun to dream, eh?

Donna, I can't imagine still fostering at your parents age. That's dedication!! It's always a zoo at this daughter's house....a nice zoo. A lot of chance of getting bored. I have to spend a day/night at my other daughter's once in awhile to regroup.

Mayme, Are you close to Muskegon? I do want to get to Shipshe before coming back home, so if you decide to go, let me know......they used to have quilt shops galore but Yoders was priced the best at that's been 10 years since we moved and I'm sure things have changed drastically!

OK.....maybe next year, someone can get a week-end thing going, for those who can, and we can do the Shipshe area. A week-end of shopping!!!!!! WOO HOO.....


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Sounds like DD is a SAINT!!!! Have a great trip.

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Sharon, I'm 30 miles North of Muskegon.

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Warsaw's not far at all! :)

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