Why is TWP 100 Peeling?

dzd9fyMay 23, 2009

This will be the third time in 4 years that our 4 year old deck needs to be restained, and the past two times I have used TWP102 with less than satisfactory results. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do instead or what to use instead?

The deck is PT and on the North of the house, in Michigan. One level is about 30" off the ground, the other about 20". Only in the area that is shaded has the TWP held up, most other areas the finish is completely gone and it looks like new though not green wood. When I stained the first time I used a mill glaze removed and oxicylic wash thinking that would open the pores of the wood; instead this stuff seems to be not allowing the stain to penetrate.

In comparison, another deck on the north side that is at least 15 years old or maybe more, just sucked up TWP and this will be the second year and the finish looks great. The wood however is very rough from continual power washing by previous owners if that tells you anything.

HELP>>>> ;- )

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The deck with problems was TWP101, the deck without problems was TWP102

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I too have had poor luck with TWP. I followed the RAD process and applied TWP last year. This year the deck looks dull and in need of another "treatment".

Looking for a new product, but concerned because in my original search, RAD and TWP where highly recommended by many on this Forum.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do now?

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When will people learn: wood, sun, and water don't mix. Go into a forest and look at the fallen trees....they turn into organic compost.

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ok, not sure what you point might be. I was asking about staining a deck.

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It must be we are the only two people that have ever had problems with TWP?

Please let me know what you might decide to change to, as I am not willing to let my deck go the way suggested by "srercrcr", as we can get compost free in my city!

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