scraphappyJuly 5, 2006

I finally, after several days (ok, several weeks - I have been gardening) of not getting on this treadmill, decided to do a quick 10 min. or so and it's finally decided it's worn out - the belt is slipping and rubbing on one side on the back roller and it has several other "issues" too. It's a second-hand one - already been through two other owners, who took exercise very seriously! I think I deserve a new one - looked online a few places, and they're not that expensive, when you consider the value to your well-being. I really prefer this to walking outdoors, and I don't need a top-of-the-line one, not going to be jogging on it - and I WILL use it - kinda bummed today, when I was all motivated, but sorta excited also that I decided I deserved a new one. Anyone else use one?

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I enjoyed walking on one at the gym this winter. I used one that you could adjust the incline and liked that better than just a flat surface. For some reason I can walk better if I raise the front a bit (not to mention a better work out). The one I used was not one you could jog on, but still had some nice features. You could check with local gyms to see if they will be replacing any soon. You may get a good deal.


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I use a treadmill 4-5 days a week at our gym. I walk, DH jogs. I think they are by Star Trac? They seem to hold up well. I agree with beverly, see if a local gym is upgrading. I know my gym is getting new elliptical trainers and the old ones are sitting in the hall. I have no clue what their plans are, but I'm thinking they might not want to sell to members..why go to the gym if you have the machine at home.

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I used to use one. We have one of those elliptical machines now and I really like that. They are both great,

I think the elliptical is a little better workout. And I love how there is no impact. You have to get one that fits you though, some of the less expensive ones are not that smooth.

I like walking outdoors but it's nice to have the indoor option, with the TV. And in winter when it's dark all the time.

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Thanks ladies - I've seen the elliptical machines - it looks like fun, actually. I also have an exercise bike and I think it's more of a workout than the treadmill, you move your arms also, and that's good for a cardio workout. Now if I just get motivated to use these!!!

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Those bikes are KILLERS. I used to scoff at them --
"Oh, riding a little bike, big whoop" (After all, it was effortless enough when I was 10...) Then one day at a small gymn the treadmill and elliptial were taken so I broke down to ride the "sissy" bike.

That thing KICKED MY PATOOTY! I was ready to cry before long!

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