Secure post on Paver patio

goindimonMay 13, 2011

I need some recommendations on how to secure a 4x4 post to a patio made with Pavers. I believe the patio is set under a concrete slab. One thought I had was to drill through the Paver though to the concrete and drive a piece of rebar. Then the rebar will be fed through the tube of the metal post and I will fill the tube with concrete. Please let me know you opinion and or other solutions. Thx

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Find out if there is a slab down there.Find out what condition its in.

If the slab can handle your building remove the pavers,bolt a custom steel bracket to it. Your rebar idea is a little silly.

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Not sure how you bolt anything into solid slab, usually have to remove concrete in area & put the bracket into wet cement with bolt down in wet cement. That's how we did ours but we did it when putting patio in. I think it's against code to add post later but maybe I'm wrong. We live in quake country so things need to be strong.

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What is the post for? Post for fence and post for patio cover are 2 different animals.

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The problem is that most slabs are only about 3 1/2" thick. You put a concentrated load on it, and you can expect it to crack.

The correct way to do it, is to remove the pavers, cut a hole in the concrete, dig out to the proper depth, for your area, pout concrete, preferably with a post connector in it. Replace the pavers, cutting them around the post, and build your structure.

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If you have a 4"--6" slab, drilling a hole with an appropriate carbide bit in a hammer drill and using an expanding concrete bolt with a bracket to hold your 4^4 (buy at Lowes, Home Depot or your favorite HW store) is completely adequate for light uses. A good 4" long 5/8" diameter expanding bolt will be limited by the strength of the concrete, not the bolt. Drilling into dry concrete is perfectly legal. What determines whether it meets code-- more importantly, if it makes sense-- is what you are going to do with the 4^4. If you plan to support a significant load, the concrete slab is not an appropriate footer, you need to take off the pavers, cut out the concrete for an area sufficient to support your load, dig down below frost line and pour a concrete support. There are cardboard cylindrical forms that make the job easier. You should extend the concrete above the paver level and set in a 4^4 bracket. You then restore the base for the pavers and replace them, cutting out for the new post. This is to prevent rot from destroying your hard work. Whether the simple bolt method is okay or you need this more elaborate solution is entirely dependent on how you are going to use it.


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