Photobucket question again!!!

caroline1947July 24, 2007

Grrr!! This has not been my day! I cant resize the pics in photobucket. I tried,and they are staying real small no matter what I click on. help anyone???

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I resize on my PC using Edit - save with a different name.

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The size of the pic is fine til I load it to photobucket, then it comes out small when I post it....

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Maybe you're grabbing the URL of the thumbnail, instead of the URL of the full-size image? I use Photobucket, and I have to say, I'm not sure how you're doing this, since my images always come out the size I made them.

The only other thing I can imagine is that the image really IS that small, and is getting stretched out only to make it look larger on the screen. It is a difference of screen resolution (72 dpi) vs. the actual number of pixels in the raw image. If you don't know what that means, the RESOLUTION of the image might be the problem.

If you want, e-mail me one of your images. (I will just hope it's less than 1 MB! I'm on dial up.) Then I can tell you exactly what is going on with your original image.

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I load the pic right off my digital,then donload to photobucket. For Gardenweb I always use the HTML option as its all that works. I never had a problem, but i am really confused, as some people said the picture was huge on their screen,,on others it was real small. I thought we all basically saw the same thing ,with a variance in screen resolution,but now Im all confused!

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I sometimes have problem with photobucket too.

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If you send the image right from your camera directly to the image hosting site without checking its size first, then it very well could end up huge. It depends on the number of pixels in the original image. There is a learning curve. It helps to have an image editing program to check the file size, crop and downsize if necessary.

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Thank you Mary,,,I have programs to size them but i have no clue how. I have tried, but I dont know about pixels and all that. I have always just downloaded them from my camrea and no one mentioned if they were too big or too small,until this time. I give up on re sizing and editing,until someone can show me. I follow the directions and it just dont work for me.

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