Where do you place the faucet in a 1 and 3/4 sink?

lori_inthenw_gwMarch 21, 2014

I must have had a plan months ago when I decided on these things, right? I don't know, maybe not.

The sink is a Performa Singranit and the faucet is Hansgrohe Allegro Semi-Pro. I see a lot of examples of the faucet lined up with the sink divide-- is that the way to go? Or do I need to map it out and make sure that there's some alignment between the faucet and the drain location? Or is there another consideration? These holes are only getting drilled once!

Not sure if it matters, but I will have no garbage disposal, but plan on using the smaller bowl on the right as more of a prep area, and will need space for the soap dispenser (on the left?) and drinking water dispenser (on the right?) Dishwasher is left of sink, cooktop to right.

What logic did you use to figure this stuff out?

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Usually you order the sink as a One Hole, Two Hole etc. and the sink hole is drilled and other holes used for spray hose, soap dispenser or whatever. Does it not come like that? Not familiar with Performa or who makes it.

If it is one hole, the hole will be predrilled at the divide.

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Tinker - undermount sinks don't usually have holes.

Lori - we have the Diamond 1 3/4. We placed the faucet so that it runs with the divider. One unfortunate thing for us is that due to the curve along the back of the large side of the Diamond, we didn't really have enough space to put in our soap dispenser where we planned, which was to the left of the large bowl - I planned on having the soap dispenser there because that's the bowl where I will be placing pots and pans to wash them and therefore where I need the soap. We didn't do a hot water dispenser, but we are putting a GD in on the right hand (smaller) bowl and so the hole was drilled there for the fiber optic controller.

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Thanks for the input. I'm scouring the interwebs for photos and it is surprising how many images have no faucets shown at all. It looks like people with the 1 3/4 either put the faucet in the center of the overall width or at the divide. I'm thinking the divide would work best. Then the soap could go to the left in the center of the large bowl? Not sure of the spacing, but I don't use the soap on the veggies, so the left make sense to me, too.

Maybe the filtered water dispenser centered on the smaller bowl? Or should it be off to the corner? I'm sure this is one of the 99 million decisions I will not think about after it's made. Well, unless I screw it up, of course!

I don't think these come with holes, do they? Or do they have those punch-out areas, I'm not sure what they're called.

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I have the Performa 1-3/4. I didn't give much thought to the faucet placement. I think I just went with what the fabricator suggested. The layout works out fine for us. As you can see in the picture below, the faucet is lined up with the sink divider. My soap dispenser is on the left corner and air switch on the right corner. Since you don't need an air switch, I think your filtered water dispenser could go there. I opted not to bother with the filtered water at my sink because we always use get our drinking water from the dispenser in our fridge door. In my previous kitchen I had the filtered water on corner of the small bowl.

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If you plan to use the faucet in both bowls, then center the faucet on the divider. This way, the faucet will reach both bowls.

If you center it on the larger bowl or on the sink as a whole, it's doubtful the faucet will reach the smaller bowl. As to the water dispenser, I would probably put it on the larger bowl (on the left) so you don't have people trying to get a drink of water and getting in your way while you're trying to prepare a meal. Remember that you spend most of your "cooking" time prepping - keeping nonworkers out of the Prep and Cooking Zones is important.

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Boy, I lost sleep over this decision! Yes. Centered with divider, but we also wanted it centered with window.
Good luck! :)

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I have the Performa 1 3/4. I centered the faucet against the sink dimensions, and not on the divider. I think it looks better that way, and it also aligns well with the window behind it. My faucet (Blanco Culina) reaches both bowls with no problem.

I have an air gap and a freestanding hand soap dispenser on the left, and a dish brush holder, dish soap dispenser, and an air switch to the right. The big bowl is on the left.

The pictures on the Blanco Performa product page also show the faucet placed at the center of the sink, instead of at the divider.

Blanco Silgranit Performa 1 3/4" Sink

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I haven't quite lost sleep over this one yet, but maybe only because of the competing list of final decisions. I am leaning toward the badgergal solution with a slight modification of moving the soap in slightly from the left and the water in slightly from the right. It will mean the faucet wouldn't line up precisely with the window divide, but I think I could live with that. I use the filtered water for cooking pasta, beans, etc., but there is no one competing for drinking water during dinner prep (2 person household), so that conflict should be rare.

Thanks for indulging me in this question and thanks for providing input and photos. It really does help!

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