Purse Security Warning - Rippettes especially

dragongoddessJuly 28, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Please be really careful with your purses. My purse, which I NEVER let out of my sight, was swiped at the mall Thursday night. They think that they probably cut through the straps. Since there was an ID with address and a housekey, we had to rekey all the locks.

The reason I posted this and said "rippettes especially", is that since I was planning on going to the fabric store to pick up some things for the August birthdays, and the list was in the purse... so if you get any weird mail, let me know. Sorry :(

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OH NO!!! Thats awful!!! I always keep an eagle eye on mine,but you sure cant be too careful these days!!! So sorry!!!!

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Wow what a bummer...............was it a shoulder strap purse..........

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Yes, Red, it was - but I AM GETTING IT BACK.

Some wonderful lady saw the guy throw it away. And was afraid that he'd done something to me first, since she knew no lady would leave her purse alone and open. Security did nothing, and didn't want to take the purse since it was 'evidence' and should go to the police. And discouraged the lady from turning it in, as she couldn't prove she hadn't taken it. How rude. So she took it home with her, and spent two days going through directory assistance. The strap is damaged, but everything is there but the cash!

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Well that is comforting to know that only the cash was taken -- in this day and age, the idea of someone else having your ID w/ name and address is very unnerving.

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I'm so glad you got it back. Happened to me a couple of times in Miami Fl. I learned to carry a credit card and DL in my Bra and only some cash, lipstick etc in a purse. now I use a fanny pack

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You need to write a letter of complaint to the mall management about the shoddy security! What would they have done if the guy had hurt you to get your purse? That's totally disgusting - you know those security guys are getting paid big bucks!

I'm glad you got all your stuff back. My purse was stolen out of my desk drawer at work last year and we had to change the house locks and get new car keys in addition to replacing all the stuff that was in it.


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What a wonderful woman, who would take the trouble to attempt to turn it in, and then spend the time to find you!

Sorry this happened to you, btw.


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Sorry to hear about your purse. Glad it was just cash taken. Make sure to check with the credit agencies over the next few months in case some ID info was stolen.

I "wear" my purse. I don't know exactly what it's called, but it slips over your head & goes across your chest & the purse part rests at your hip. My purse contents are always within reach of my hand & I'm never worried about someone taking anything. It also frees my hands for more shopping! I'd like to find it in a nicer leather version since the one I have is a red hawaiian canvas print. ;)

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One morning on the way to work, I stopped at our supermarket. When I parked, I saw two young men laughing and going through a pocketbook on the front of a shopping cart. I couldn't get their license plate number and was afraid to say anything to them. I took the bag into the store office. I got a call later in the day from a grateful woman...she had her father's social security checks in her purse and was frantic when she found out that she had left her purse behind.

Not the same as your situation...how scary that your straps were cut through. Sounds like an organized thief. So glad that you got your purse back though.


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