Trouble with a root canel

vicky4x4July 27, 2007

Subject: update on Vicky

Let me recant the detail as I remember them to you all.

I went to the dentist yesterday morning for a abscessed tooth. The dentist opened the tooth and started to work on it but he couldn't get the nerve so he left the tooth open and sent me home. After the Novocain wore off the pain is UNBEARABLE. A 10 on the 1-10 scale. I called the dentist back and he said to come right in...........I thought he would pull the tooth but did not. He gave me three more normal shots of Novocain then created a "pool of Novocain around the roots of the tooth and started doing the root canal, I still could feel it so he put Novocain right down into the canal. It felt pretty numb. My family had places to go last night, youth meeting and Tia had soccer practice. Darryl asked me if I would be ok at home and I thought I would. It didn't take long to figure out that no I was NOT ok. I started to have a reaction from the pain meds. I called my neighbor over and begged her to stay with me. I was shaking and having rapid breathing and throwing up. My hands and then arms started to shake and tingle and then my legs, At this time Darryl came home and between him and Marilyn they decided I need to go tot he ER. I was shaking all over. It was a reaction to the pain medication I was taking and a panic attack at the same time from the immense pain I was in. They got me to calm down and I was able to come home last night. I still feel pretty woozy this morning, my jaw is still pretty sore.

It is now afternoon and I have yet to keep a thing down, not even water............

So I still covet your prayers this day.

Thank so much.


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You have them. I'm so sorry for your pain. Hope you're feeling better ASAP.
I had my 3 root canals done by a Doctor who limits her practice to Endodontics (a specialty of dentistry, that deals with the tooth pulp and tissues surrounding the root of a tooth). Can you find such a dentist in your area?

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Hope you feel better soon! Rest up over the week end, and take it easy!!!

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Wow Vicky,

I have had 2 root canals and never did they do that. First my dentist put me on antibiotics for a week before the root canal to get the inflamed root under control. What was your dentist thinking sending you home. I like Glass when to Endodontic Dentist for the root canal itself.

So sorry for the bad experience they are not suppose to be like that.
Hope you feel better soon.


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I am so sorry, and you certainly have my prayers. I do hope you feel better tomorrow.


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I'm up to 5 RCs - always insist on an endodontist...after each one of mine, I've been able to resume my regular activities immediately - twice, I even went back to work!Helen

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What a bad experience hope you feel better soon sending hugs!

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Vicky, how are you feeling? What an experience. Hope you're feeling better.


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Well, I called my dentist today and relayed everything that happened to me on Thursday night. He would like to continue the root canal but I'm leaning toward having the tooth removed all together. It is still open and it hurts to bite down, I can't bite down. We also talked about how I'm going to get back into that chair without having a full blown panic attack. Because this is the last tooth in the back I don't think it will be missed to much.
I have had several panic attacks since Thursday the worse one being Saturday morning. I have no memory of Friday at ALL! So the ordeal goes on.
Thanks for asking. I'll press on.


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Hope you're feeling better. What an ordeal for you.


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