Been busy! Stopping in to say hi. What's new with you?

marylizJuly 15, 2007

Yesterday, I attended a fabric dying workshop with many local quilters. Of course, there were lots of jokes, like "I have always wanted to die/dye," and promises to "dye another day," after the James Bond movie by the same title.

I can't wait to wash my new fabrics. Maybe I'll have time to post some photos.

I found out that they meet at my LQS on the first Monday of each month. I'm gonna go, and show off my new fabrics. I bought more raw materials from the instructor, so I can make more at home. Now I will be able to make my own "custom blends." I think these will be perfect for applique, and as blenders for batiks. (Oh, and there is a dye resist technique that uses dish soap! Can't wait to try that one!) I have a new interest within the realm of quilting.

Next Saturday, I go to the quilt guild meeting for the first time. I was vaguely aware of their existence for years, but never went. Met the lady who puts out the newsletter, and she invited me. I might join. They need an overhaul on their website, and the job is open.

The next day is a family reunion. Only an hour and a half away. It'll be a fun day.

On the cooler (below 80 F) days, I work in the garden. We are getting doors for our new barn, and we just got the new zero-turn lawn mower. It's almost as much fun as my dirt bike. It turns on a dime, and can get into narrow areas than the tractor with its rear mower. That will save us a lot of time. Mowing used to be such a chore, and already, we have more time for other things.

Ummm ... what else? Gonna go up north to view the Perseid meteor showerhref> in mid-August.

Next weekend, we'll visit hubby's aunt & uncle on the west coast of Michigan.

News Flash: I have been thinking about creating a sewing room worthy of my interest and skills. I moved from the basement to an upstairs room. But the latest is that hubby says I should use the bigger upstairs room (currently a guest room that doesn't see much action) for my quilting room.

Today, we went to Ikea to pick out furniture. He says get whatever I want. I guess even he doesn't think that my sitting on the floor to iron fabric is a good idea. And I'm sure he's getting tired of seeing all the fabric lying in piles on the mezzanine.

Hubby was very helpful. He helped me decide which stuff I like best. I didn't actually buy any furniture today. I want to measure the room and be absolutely sure what will go where. Then I'll dive right in and transform the room into a proper SEWING STUDIO. It'll take a while, but I promise to post photos.

In my spare time, I've been doing a lot of hand quilting and applique. Hand sewing is appealing because I can take with me wherever I go, and even when I'm at home, I prefer it to my totally inefficient, cramped sewing room. Ya might not hear much from me, because I'm so busy MAKING STUFF lately! I'll have to post some photos.

So, what have you been sewing lately? How are you enjoying your summer? What are your plans for the near future?

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Good to hear from you you have been busy...I took a fabric dying class and it was a lot of fun...not something I want to do much of in my house. I am going to visit a lady for a class on painting on fabric and then you put it in the sun to set the colors...maybe then I can decide what I want to invest my money in, paint or dyes.

Wonderful you are moving your sewing out of the basement to your very own will love it...don't forget to include good lighting in your new room...aren't hubbys wonderful when it comes to our hobby.

This summer is pretty quiet for us...last year we painted the house, garage, fences...15 gal. of paint and my shoulder still complains. We also had quite a bit of company and I did get to the Moose Jaw Quilt Show in I guess I will enjoy seeing pictures and writeups on trips others take this year.

I have dragged out a quilt that I started quilting in 2003 by machine....gave up because it was too heavy....couldn't get the stitching out so now I am hand quilting what is left. This was a block exchange my guild did so I treasure it. Looking back I sure have learned a borders are terrible...I did diamonds on the sides and they didn't work out even...I am chuckling as it is almost ugly.

Keep us posted on your projects and pics and have fun with that new sewing studo.

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Sounds like you have a lot going on, MaryLiz! I hope you enjoy your guild meeting. I love my guild and the friends I have there.

Spent some time yesterday with my dad so my mom could get away for a while. He did not have a good week this past week, but seems to be doing better. He will be 84 in September and probably has progressed into Alzheimer's. But he is still home with Mom and she takes good care of him. I try to do what I can as does my one sister who also lives here.

This weekend I put together the redwork baby quilt, worked on designs for another hand embroidered quilt, made some recipes to put in the freezer, shucked corn, went to Michael's for some supplies, and got in my Sunday afternoon nap - LOL!

Hope you have a good week, MaryLiz!

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Hi Maryliz! Glad you stopped in! Sounds like you have been not only busy, but enjoying your summer, too.

I've been working on a family reunion quilt, started a string baby quilt, started making xmas gifts, finishing up a few projects.

We just had a garage of today, it all done except the doors. Those will go on this week. I am SOOOO HAPPY it's done! Once we get some of the stuff out of my sewing room and into the garage for proper storage, we are going to re-do my sewing room too. New cutting and ironing tables. My hubby is a carpenter, so he'll make most everything. It looks like a bomb went off in there! lol.

My family reunion is in a few weeks..that's always a great day. Good food, lots of catching up.

Expanded some of my gardens this year. Put them in the year after we built the house, so this is year 2 for them. Plugging up holes where things died, or didn't take. Moving a lot of things too...and rethinking some planted areas...striving for less maintenance and more draught tolerant plants.

The rest of the summer??? I'm relaxin!
Have a great one...

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So nice to hear from you, Maryliz! (and everyone else!),

I am glad to hear that you are getting out of the basement and that you are getting an even bigger room is really great! What fun to be able to plan carefully and shop for just the right stuff for it. Your dying workshop sounds great too. I haven't tried that yet but love the few pieces that I have bought in the past.

I have a good friend from college days who teaches quilting and is starting her own pattern line. She called last night to tell me that she is drafting a little wallhanging for the two of us to do. It will have little blocks (4", I think) and will be made up of traditional blocks. We are hoping to get together in two weeks to cut our fabrics together.

I have one more week after this for my Writing Project Institute. It has been pretty rigorous, worthwhile but tough at times. I have started working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden to help me relax...before my summer vacation officially starts.

:)Kelly - NH

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