Estimate out of whack?

txx3ddq442April 25, 2012

Just got an estimate from a reputable pool builder in southern Louisiana. I nearly passed out. Seems off-the-charts high. Give me your thoughts:


A 20' x 40' shotcrete rectangle pool 3 1/2' to 8' deep with diving board (8' and raised about 12") a bench along one 40' edge and tanning ledge adjacent to a 7' x 6' spa. Spa is raised 18" and spills into pool. 1000' (@$10.6/ft) of Kool deck with integrated 3" drainage, brick border and coping. He's included 2 skimmers, 6 returns and a pair of main drains in the pool. In the spa there will be 7 jets fed from one of the two blowers while the other bubbles from the floor. Pair of main drains included.

On the back side of the pool he's suggesting an 18" x 40' wall with four scuppers pouring into the pool (he figures the wall at ~$200 per ft). Each scupper's supply is home-run to the pad for individual adjustment. Also, in the tile line along the back wall, he's going to put a series of four misting jets to assist with keeping the pool temperature down.

His quote includes "light grey" plaster but he said he'd upgrade to Diamond Brite at no charge.

Note that I've already got a 240v, 60A box available at the pool equipment site. All equipment will be located about 15' from the pool.


Pentair InelliFlo 3HP variable speed pump for pool and spa jets

Pentair WhisperFlo ?HP pump for water features

Pentair Clean and Clear Plus 420ft^2 cartridge filter

Pentair IntelliTouch i9+3 with the Mobile Touch wireless control

Pentair Legend cleaner and booster pump

Pentair MasterTemp 400K BTU natural gas heater

Pentair Rainbow chlorinator

Pentair IntelliBrite colored LED lights - 2 in the pool, 1 in the spa

Zodiac Nature 2 mineral sanitizer

Auto Leveler - in the estimate but no model indicated

Blower - nothing specified other than a quantity of 2

Not Included:

Plumbing from gas meter to heater (~60' @ $20/ft), fencing, landscaping

He's comes recommended, has been in business for 25+ years and seems to have specified top-end equipment. Does $94,500 seem a little high for this or is he in the ballpark? I should have another estimate next week.

Do you see any omissions or anything that looks off-kilter?

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Each market pricing can vary greatly, which city in louisiana?

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