The Quilt Forum diet/exercise challenge:

grammypJuly 20, 2006

OK, here it is for everyone who wants to participate. The challenge for now will be to physically exercise for 30 minutes a day (in addition to your regular things you do). This can be walk, stair stepper, biking, running, jumprope... We will start with that for 7 days and add something else to it. If you wear a pedometer you should get 20,000 steps a day. Anyone up for it?


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I'm in, and holy cow 20,000 steps a day. I need to get a new pedometer the one I have is a peice of junk and keeps reseting itself every couple hundred steps. Well It is finally cool enough here to go for a walk now so the boys and I are off.

Come on all you ladies I know you could use the exersice, most of you are on this forum as much as me and that means were sitting on our tushes. Get up and get moving. And let us know you are doing it. We need inspiration.


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How about 30 min. 3 times a week? I could do that.

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That sounds do-able...but more like 5 days a week. Will have to see about the 20,000 steps.
Hmm, waling to where I work in the hospital is quite a ways.
Karen L

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Well I walked for about 45 minutes today. Did stop and chat with the neighbor for about 5 minutes but other than that we walked. My pedometer that keeps reseting says I walked 3300 steps. I don't think it reset itself I kept checking. Well that is a start anyway. And I only wore it for the walk. I think we should work up to 7 days a week. I think that between 3 and 5 is good for beginners. We don't want anyone to get burned out right away.


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30 minutes isn't really that bad. It doesn't have to be all at once. You can do 10 minutes 3 times a day. Just get out and walk around the parking lot at work or around the block at home. I got mine up and down the stairs at work today. Tomorrow it is back on the bike again. This is doable, trust me.


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Beverly, I'm in! Far too much sitting with this hobby, not to speak of the sitting at the computer.

Some days I think I probably don't even get 500 steps in and that's a health hazard!

What I do, is everytime DH and I go out (like every day), wherever we go I will walk around a parking lot where we are parked, like Sam's club, Target, etc.... I can usually get a good 600 - 800 steps in.

Would welcome suggestions for quality pedometers.....I've had several but they just aren't accurate, so I go back to counting.

Oh, how I count is like this: I put 20 safety pins in my left pocket. For every 100 steps I put one safety pin in my right pocket. When I get all of the pins in my right pocket, that's 2000 steps. If I continue walking, I work from my right pocket back to my left pocket.

I think your challenge is a good incentive. Uhh let's see, when do we start? Just kidding. My goal: Start tomorrow -- Friday. Have to do it in the AM, we're in triple digit weather here in Sacramento.


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I'll give it a try too. Would also like to know about the pedometers. Have been discouraged by some in the past!
It's funny, I have been walking around a college campus with a heavy backpack for 4 weeks - up and down stairs etc. School will be over next week. My friend and I were saying that we needed to load up our backpacks and walk around our neighborhoods just to keep up with the exercise just yesterday and then I find this thread!
I know that all of this walking has helped. My rings are looser. But I haven't weighed myself.
Take care,
Kelly - Lots2do

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melindaeu - that's a good idea about the safety pins! I have a question - would going up and down stairs about 10 times count? Did that yesterday, doing laundry in bsmt. and putting things away upstairs. Also garden work - pulling weeds and mowing - hey, I think I can easily count in 5 days/wk if that kind of activity counts. I used to be alot more active - worked as a floor nurse in a hospital, alot of walking there - even the walk from the parking garage to our unit was about 3 blocks! So, my activity level is alot less than it was a few years go, and I need to get a move on!

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DH downloaded Diet Organizer Moble by Mulberry Soft, $25 to buy but you can download and use for 30 days free. It keeps track of your exercise (yes, yard work counts), and what you eat. He updates after each meal/exercise session and has lost 50 pounds this year. His is on his PDA, but there is a version for the pc too. You will be surprised how much less you will eat if you have to write it all down. But that will come later, now we will just get moving more.

We went to a continueing education on diet and exercise and her point was move, just move. For 30 minutes a day extra, just move. During our breaks she whould go out and walk around the parking lot while most of us were standing and talking and got her 30 minutes in before lunch while teaching the class. That was when I decided it could be done and have started trying. Here are some tidbits she also gave us:

Running is not really better than walking for weight loss and is harder on the knees and hips.

One step up stairs counts as 2 steps walking because you have to pull your weight up.

Hold your arms bent at the elbows and close your hands. Letting them swing can cause stress on the shoulders and hands.

Jumpping rope for 5 minutes is about the same as walking for 15, but tougher on the knees and hips.

When doing yardwork be careful not to use your back. Using your legs for lifting and carrying is safer and burns more callories.

Good luck and I'll make a new post for weekly updates.


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well, i've tried the pedometer before, so I can try again. I move around constantly with the two kids in the house...but don't think I've ever made more thatn 10,000 steps on a good day. We'll see.

problem for me is that I do so much before I ever get dressed and put the pedo. on!LOL

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Wow, every step up the stairs is worth 2 walking steps. That's good news.

Tried to locate the Diet Organizer by Mulberry Software but couldn't find anything on Google leading me to it. Maybe it's just for PDAs.

I'll look around on the Internet too to see what else is out there.

My today's (Friday) activity will be 30 minutes with one of my very unused video tapes.


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I posted the diet organizer on a new thread. We got our 30 minutes + on the bike this morning then did a little light work in the yard. Tooooo hot for much else, but had to do some deadheading. I got my baseline weight this morning so I will have a starting point. My goal for me is 25 pounds. DH's goal for me is 35 pounds. Guess he wants less to drag up the hills on that bike. I would like to be at my goal before Thanksgiving and I think I can do that.

Jennifer, one of the problems with the pedometer is you don't step hard enough around the house for the thing to count it. Try wearing it on your shoe or sock and see if that helps. If 10,000 is your starting point and you get to 15,000 you have increased by 50%, which is very good. Keep it up every day and you should see results in 11 days.


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I am in with you. I have been pretty good about daily working out for 2 years now and then the last three days I am slipping. Even though it is 97 degrees out, I think I will see if I can do a mile now and then another mile before bedtime. I have had cheap pedometers and expensive ones and the steps really vary and I am not sure they are always accurate; so keeping track of time is good. 21 days makes a habit; so keep shooting for 7 days a week, ladies.

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I just found this thread - don't remember to check this side of the forum often. When I delivered my 1st baby the doctor said a flight of stairs was equal to a walking a block. Two weeks ago when DH had his regular visit with his cardiologist, Dr K told him he wanted DH to walk for 30min. That the time was more important than the distance. DH is 80 so that may have something to do with Dr's orders.

You all are more ambitious than I am but I'll try to start walking. Maybe I can do it with the buddy system you've set up.

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Welcome to the challenge glassquilt. Your DH is more than welcome to join us. You two can get your 30 minutes together. Remember you can do it in two 15 minute intervals to begin with, just so you keep moving for 30 minutes a day. If you make yourself do it, in 3 weeks it will be a habit and you won't even think about it.


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