leavin' on a jetplane

ironkitJuly 10, 2006

I'm leaving for Eugene/Springfield, OR in approximently twelve hours. I'm excited and nervous and I hate flying.

I'll attempt to check in, but well... it IS a vacation. ;-)

~ kit

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Have a great time Kit. The flight will be fine, just take something to keep your mind occupied while you take off and land.


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Hope you enjoy your vacation, Kit. I don't like flying either but I've found three things:
1. A glass of wine pre takeoff helps (me)
2. I'm brave when I have a camera in my hand and take pictures (this one has gotten me over many frightening road trips over death defying bridges while in our motorhome)
3. Knitting or crocheting while on flight.

Those three things, sometimes all at once, guarantee my DH a pleasant journey.

That said, I wet my pants during lightening storms!

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I'm also afraid of flying--only did it once and that was only a few years ago. However when you consider all the flights taking off every day all over the world, it still seems like the safest way to travel. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your vacation.

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