OT DH and I could of been Killed today!

redpennyJuly 15, 2007

Well I know this is off the topic but........DH and I went food shopping today...in the mall not to far from our house..well Dh stopped to play a lottery ticket and I took the foodcart out to the car when I heard a loud crashing noise..well I didn't see anything just heard it well I was at my car with my back to the park cars loading my groceries in the trunk when I heard another crash..I looked back and there was a car headed our way that crashed into another car THANK GOD the car was there or it would of got me and DH. no one was in the car.....well people came running from everywere and then we seen what the first lound crash was it was another car that look like it was hit from head on....there was so much confusion....

But what was really weird was before we went into the food store we stopped in another store to look around...I would of parked were the car was struck by the car with the missing driver only we didn't feel like walking so I MOVED FROM THAT Space and parked somewere else....Dh didn't say to much at first:

but then after I think he realized the CLOSE CALL we had..

he start telling everyone about it LOL.....He said wow we could of been dead or really hurt......Just had to share this just think if it would of got us.......


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Glad everything turned out ok

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Whew! Glad you two are ok. Frieky, scary! You just never know.

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Wow, I'm glad you are ok!!!!!

When I saw the title of the thread I thought maybe someone forgot to yell "FORE" on the golf course... LOL!

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Was anyone hurt? Sounds like you did have a close call.

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LOL Laura hehehe. I don't know if anyone was hurt or not I know that one car was hit head on was totaled.......there was just so much confusion DH and I left.....I don't know were the driver of the car was he must of jumped out..........I don't know how many other cars were invoved being hit by this moving car with no driver I seen 2 but I think there were several...........I know there were several people gathered!

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Wow! Glad you're ok. Imagine if you felt like walking!


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You certainly had your guardian angels with you! Thank goodness!

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Glad to hear that you and your DH were not injuried. Fourunately we are blessed daily and protected from dangers seen and unseen.

Marty (Missouri)

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Wow, how scary.

Years ago we came home one afternoon and the car from across the street had collided with our above-the-ground pool. Two little kids were playing in it and put the car into neutral. (They were on a slope). We were all so lucky that noone was hurt. It was such a wierd thing to see though.

So glad you are both all right. So glad that something told you to move your car,
Kelly - NH

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Wow. That was a close call. Life looks a bit different for a while after an experience like that, doesn't it?

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