anyone ever eat....

caroline1947July 28, 2007

Something their family thinks is way weird?? I just had a plate of radishes with bread and butter and got that "OH YUCK" look,,,but I love them.

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My favorite salad lettuce with strawberries and a vingarette dressing....I get my own special bowl too... no one goes near....mmmmm love it.

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My favorite food, the one I would request as my last meal, is pancakes with "potato soup" on it. This is a family favorite with MY family..but my husband, in 10 years of marraige, has refused to try it...even one bite!!
He doesn't know what he's missing!!!
(can you say Carb overload????lol)

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Woodsy, the potato soup thing sounds good to me,,people eat potato pancakes and pancakes with hash browns,so its not a weird combo to me...

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I love knockwrust and Mash potatoes and Kraut and everytime I make it JUST FOR ME....I always get that oh you are eating one of your favorite dishes....LOL.......

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Thanks Caroline! You are the first person in my entire life who has said it sounded good!!! LOL.

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I was raised in a family that tried all kinds of things, so my family would not find much of anything strange. But my husband was definitely raised in a meat and potatoe from the can from the box kinda household and he's very much afraid of new food -- though he's learning under my tutelage!

The strangest thing I ever ate as not what I ate but what I THOUGHT I was eating, and was willing to eat. I ordered a spider roll at a sushi place once because that sounded "familiar." But as I waited for it, and looked at the picture of the spindly legs poking out of the sushi roll, I started think ...surely it's not actually a real spider. it? By the time it came, I was convinced it was a deep fried tarantula. But I was SO HUNGRY. I ate it anyhow...

Later I told my brother, who was in school to be a sushi chef, and he said "It's a soft shell crab. They don't HAVE Tarantula's in Japan!" WELL, maybe not, but I was impressed with myself for THINKING I ate a spider!

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I love tomato dumplings.

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Tomato dumplings???Yum! How does one make them??? Thats a new one.

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DH still thinks sunny side up eggs on top of pancakes and covered with syrup is a little strange, but it's one of my favorite breakfasts! Actually, he's the one with the weird food tastes. He puts blue cheese dressing on nearly everything, and some things get lemon juice, too.


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One of my favorite foods my great grandmother would make for me when I was little:

Cold pancake, rolled up with butter and brown sugar. mmmmmm....

Her Dansih aunt would make it for her back in the 1920's.

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Yum, that rolled pancake sounds goood!!! Now if Mayme would fork over her tomato dumpling recipe....

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OK here goes. You can use tomato juice or regular canned
tomato's. Bring to a boil.I add a little sugar. Make Betty
Crocker's basic dumplings. Drop them in the boiling
tomato's. Cover and turn heat down to low. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Then eat them! MMMM good.

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My Japanese DH likes to mix natto (Japanese fermented soy beans) into his oatmeal. No milk, of course. Although I love natto, this grosses me out and I have to try not to think about what he is eating. It shouldn't bother me, however, since natto is usually eaten with rice, and oatmeal is just a different grain.
But give me my brown sugar, milk, and raisins for my oatmeal!

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When I studied abroad in France, I loved all of the "funky" edibles there. I also liked the French twist on American stuff - the egg cooked in the center of the pizza, for example.

As Islay can vouch for me...mmm jambon beurre sandwiches! (Ham and butter on a fresh baguette = to die for).

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I love banana and peanut butter which is not to unusual but my hubby thinks it's gross. Now my mother used to eat banana and mayo sandwiches, YUCK!

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I'm not usually adventurous with food but I came up with this strange snack that DH and kids think is gross:
a slice of brown bread, some yogurt on top with fresh ground black pepper or hot sauce. Wait till the bread gets soggy and eat! yummy! Its my fav snack after a long tiring day at work.


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Maybe weird but I love peanut butter with nice thick slices of radish. Whole wheat bread is best with a bit of butter then pb (superchunk Skippy) and radish slices a minimum of a scant quarter inch.

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Caroline, A woman with good taste! Living on a farm when I was growing up, we had all those good things and fresh radishes with bread and butter was a favorite...Also, fresh onions, cucumbers or green peppers with bread...But being older, I can't enjoy those things now...OH, the good old days!

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I'm usually NOT the one that eats weird's my DH. He loves rummaging thru the fridge for leftovers.. He's a mixer...adding various hot sauces, mustard, teriyaki, BBQ, salad dressings, etc... There are times that I can't even sit near him the smell is so horrid. And the visual is just as bad. I think he gets this from his dad.

My DD weird food mix is pickles & fudge.

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Vicky, I also like banana and Peanut Butter, that was Elvis' favorite food! But I also like the Banana and mayo.
Lte at night when I get the munchies I crush soda crackers into a glass add milk with a teaspoon of sugar

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This must be a thread about what we DON'T TELL our cardiologist!
For me it's peanut butter on bananas. chunky...Super chunky!
I do try to be a good girl tho. I'll sandwich my PB in the banana then slice it up into my cheerios and skim milk ;)
Yea! Me!

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