pool coping replacement question-HELP!!!

cathy404593April 25, 2008

I have a 30 yr. old inground pool. The coping is white, cracked in spots, & old. The liner is held in place by a liner lock. There is concrete around the pool but no pavers, just old concrete from the '70's.

Is there anyway to replace this coping without digging/jackhammering up the concrete?

My pool guy says no. I had him out today, to give me a quote on a new liner and coping.

He says I have two other choices, if I don't want the expense of digging up concrete to replace the coping.

1.) I could replace my liner using the existing coping, but that eventually the liner might come out and I'd have to keep putting it back in like I do with my current liner.

2.) Or, I could put a new flat coping (I think he said made by Kafko), bolted under the current coping, which the new liner would lock into. This would be guaranteed, and the liner would not come out of the coping.

However, the old ugly white (cracked in some spots) coping would still be there, between the concrete and the new coping.

Does this sound right?

He insists that the old coping can not be removed without extensive work (and cost).

His company is very reputable, but still I am leary....

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Your pool guy speaks correctly.

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Your pool guy is right.

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thanks. I think I will just save up and wait a few more years....it is not that bad to justify the cost :(

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I'm having the same problem (as Kathy). The coping is cracked at places and uneven. I was wondering if you could remove several inches of the concrete, replace the coping and then add decorate tile (or similar) to do the trick? Anyway, I was curious what you were quoted on fixing your situation. (I haven't had someone out yet... and the info would prepare me of what is to come...and how long it will take.)

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We did not go over that option, of removing part of the concrete and replacing the coping in that section.

I wish I had thought to ask about that!

It would be $9400 to do the following:
20mil liner replacement (21X 42 irregular shape)$2600
step replacement (involves drilling out concrete around steps) $3000
new flat coping to go under current coping $1800(would leave existing coping which is cracked there)
2 new skimmers $800
new liner pad underneath liner $200
labor $1000

I know the new coping would not match (in color) the new coping. I don't know if that is why the pool guy did not suggest just replacing one part of the coping.

My guess is it would not be a big enough job for him, maybe not enough money in it?

I wish I knew more about pool construction.

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