Well, it's not broken!!

jennifer_in_vaJuly 2, 2006

My toe, that is!! I have been exceedingly graceful the last few days! (not lol!) Friday while shopping at Walmart, I kicked the shopping cart wheel with my baby toe...just about fell to the floor with pain. I hobbled off, and it wasn't too bad later in the day.

Then yesterday while at the amusement park, I accidentally kicked the back of my DD's shoe with the same toe!! I was much closer to the ground on that one. I put it up when we got home with ice, slept with it raised, but almost couldn't stand this morning.

Feeling a bit like a woose, I went to the ER today. It's not broken, but really bruised. It hurts like crazy and is turning a nice shade of purple! We would like to go to 4th of July festivities tonight...guess I'll hobble along and grin and bear it.

My biggest problem is that it's my 'driving' foot! I tried to sew for a bit this afternoon and found it was too painful!! No Fair!! I'm in the middle of my b-day blocks and really wanted to sew! BOOO HISSSS!!

Take care everyone...and watch out for those shopping carts!

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ah geesh Jennifer, I can relate! Try either a hard bottom shoe for support, or taping it up so it's immobile for a few days! I am forever smacking my toes, and have found that to be quite useful and comfortable!!!
Hope you are better soon!

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Ouch. You have my sympathies.

Five weeks before my dad remarried, I walked into a stationary piece of lumber with so much force my little toe was at right angles to my foot. DH looked at it and wiggled it. I told him in stop doing that and take me to the hospital!!! I wore flip-flops to work for weeks. At Dad's wedding I wore heels only during the church service (I was an attendent) and kicked them off as soon as everything was finished. I never want to do anything like that again.

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OUCH! Sometimes the smallest parts can hurt the most. I hope you get better soon.


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Jennifer, I hope it feels better soon! You know, you can "drive" the sewing machine with your left foot - it just takes a little practice!


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Donna, you'd think I could drive left footed...but I'm so right dominant there's no hope for me!! LOL

but I'm doing better today...actually put sneakers on to rake the yard. toe still hurts a bit, but not nearly as much!

Don't you just hate it when those stationary objects jump out in your way!?!

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Jen, I've done that a couple times!! OUCH! It always seems to be the little toe and I keep thinking "just a fraction of an inch more and I would have missed it altogether." Glad it's feeling better today--'driving' will probably be good therapy soon!


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Buddy tape it to the toe next to it. It'll cut down on the pain, and you're more aware of where your toe is with the binding on it, so you're not as likely to kick it again.

I say this with much experience. About three months ago, I broke the three little toes on my right foot and could only wear one pair of shoes, and driving hurt like... an explicive. Driving with my left foot wasn't an option, either, 'cause I have a manual.

Hope it heals soon!

~ Kit

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Well, it's not nice to laugh when people get hurt, but those stories are all pretty comical. I tried to hold back my giggles, but they really got out of control.

Sorry you ladies all hurt yourselves, really I am.


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