Finished Kitchen-warm white cabs, marble, wood counters

blakeyMarch 29, 2009

I can't believe it's complete, except for a bit of decorating, but it's so nice to be able to cook again. Thanks to everyone on this forum for the great questions, advice, photos, suggestions and support. I feel like I got so lucky when I stumbled upon this website just as we were getting started. It helped me tremendously and so many of the kitchens served as inspiration(you'll know who you are!)

Cabinets-Wood Mode

Perimeter Counters-Calacatta Crema-honed

Island top-Sapele Mahogany


Wall Oven-Miele

Refrigerator-Sub Zero


Main Sink-Shaw's Original Farm Sink

Wet Bar Sink-Sink-A-Link Hammered Copper

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Wow!!!! Just amazing. You did a wonderful job getting all the individual elements to work. Love the mix of whites/creams. Not very easy to do. Love the bar area wall. Hard to tell the exact color on my monitor. Is it grey? Great shape for the island. Rounding it at the end makes it feel like it has a lot of heft even though the narrow part of it appears to be 24". Love the way the glass cabs mimic the window panes.

Just should be very pleased. Enjoy!!!

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That is just too beautiful---every detail! And that laundry room could almost make me enjoy wash day. (I especially like the way dear doggy must have been a color inspiration for you also).

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It's STUNNING!!! That mahogany countertop is to die for! I love every single thing about it. In fact I'm showing DH your kitchen, b/c I have been trying to explain to him what 2x6 subways would look like on a backsplash, and he can't picture it. What are those tiles in the laundry room? I'm looking for something similar for my mudroom.

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Great job! It's beautiful and looks like it will be very functional. Love all the windows. Are you going to put anything (blinds, curtains)on the ones in the breakfast room? We have lots of windows in ours, too, and it's wonderful, but I'll probably put roman shades on them eventually for privacy.

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WOWZA!!!!!!!! one stunning kitchen & stunning laundry room -
i was guessing the island top was walnut - fooled - beautiful!
Love the honed calcutta
what are those beautiful wide plank floors?

Enjoy your new space
What's for dinner?

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Absolutely STUNNING.

And you are going to cook in there?!?

The mahogany island is so beautiful, i don't think i could do any type of cooking prep on it.

Just too beautiful and very well put together.

i'm envious and i finished my kitchen a year ago!!!!!

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Gorgeous! Particularly love the mahogany counter, the backsplash tile behind the stove (understated, but still different and cool), the rounded island end, the floors, the cookbook shelf, the inclusion of some, but not all, glass doors, and, last but maybe most, the color of your bar cabinets! Phew! A long list.

Note to self: In any next house have a breakfast room with windows on 3 sides! Who needs any more rooms than a great kitchen and a nice glassed in room from which to enjoy your own view? :-)

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Wowee!! Now THAT's a kitchen. That key-shaped mahogany island is fabulous. Everything comes together perfectly. The marble countertops are phenomenal, as are the floors, cabs, backsplash, appliances, everything. The whole thing is not just magazine, but museum-worthy! Must have been fun writing all those checks... ;-) JK. Enjoy!! Great job.


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Hot damn!!!! Somewhat akin to the feeling Kas has expressed, your kitchen, breakfast room and laundry center makes me want to pack up, sell my house, buy another and start all over! (And, all that is said as I'm planning to finish up my own reno in about 6 weeks or so.) What a phenomenal job! No point in breaking down what it is that I love most about what you have done. I love it all! Congratulations!

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Goodness! I don't think my heart can take another gorgeous kitchen today! When I saw the first top half of the photo, I was thinking - this must be her inspiration photo. Wow! Talk about gorgeous. That mahogany island top is stunning. I am going back for another look or two, or three...

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I had to go back twice to make sure I took everything in! It's so so pretty. Darn this website! Every time I think to myself "ok I know exactly what I want!" I see something on here that makes me want to do it a bit differently! I think this is like shopping for wedding dresses...once you find the one you want stop looking!

Oh, but how could we not want to see your kitchen, it's just beautiful! Job well done!

Is the small tile in your laundry area ming green marble (polished or tumbled) or is it seagrass limestone?

Thanks for sharing your stunning kitchen!

Kat :)

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Thank you! I'm so excited ... I've picked many of these same elements (including a grayish butlers pantry with marble counter, just like that), and I'm so excited to see it all together as we haven't quite started yet.

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really impressive -- not only is the kitchen gorgeous, so are the eating area, bar, laundry ...

something to aspire to

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wow, wow, wow! I especially love the island top - so warm to the touch, rich looking to boot! and that is also one awesome laundry room - everything is beautiful, you must be soooo please!

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I wish I could see the backsplash over the range better. Do you have a more close-up photo?

The hood is beautiful. Who makes it? Is it the VAH? What cfm's did you get?

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Wow! Gorgeous space all around. Love it!

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I really like your cabinets and counter-- excellent choices! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

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Wow, that looks really nice. Want to come and do my kitchen?

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Fantastic!! It's simply beautiful and I love it all. You had the guts I lacked for that gorgeous island! And those wide plank floors--I'm green with envy!! I also see how I should have held out for leather stools--yours are perfect. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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Oh my goodness, you have one beautiful kitchen! I love everything about it.

Could you please share the manufacturer of your backsplash tiles (also colors and dimensions?

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Oh my!!!! Perfection!!! Everything works so wonderfully together. :)

Please share the source of your barstools if you next task!

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Echoing what others have said - absolutely stunning! I especially love the gorgeous floors, the beautiful celing details and the colour of the hutch with the pass-through to the living room.

Wouild love to see your "before" - it's always so interesting to see how a vision comes together for a new space.

Congratulations on a really wonderful job,

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Stunning! The coffered ceiling, sapele countertop and exhaust hood are particular standouts. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

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Thank you all for the kind comments. It's really gratifying to know that you like my kitchen(I feel like Sally Field when she accepted her Oscar way back when..) but seriously it means a lot and I really appreciate it. There were times when I was so stressed out over the decisions, couldn't sleep at night, changed my mind a million times, so it's all worth it now!

To follow-up...

Malhgold: The bar cabinets are kind of a gray/green. They were a Wood-Mode color that only had a number, rather than a name but the color was one of their "designer naturals." The narrowest part of the island is 27 1/2 inches wide(you have an amazing eye!) Mixing those whites and creams was a challenge but I really wanted to bring in the creams to warm things up. Thank you so much for your compliment about that-a small thing but sometimes that can be the most important.

Flseadog: Yes my beloved dog seems to inspire quite a bit, but I should have matched the floor to his coat so the shedding wouldn't show up so much!

kpaquette: The tiles in the laundry room are a glass mosaic(the white ones above are just a plain 3x6 ceramic). I'm glad my photos are giving you the visual you need.

catbird: I'm thinking about putting a matchstick blind, or another one I saw that has a rice-paper kind of look to it, on the windows above the sink and in the breakfast room. Roman shades would look great too but I want something that won't come down too far to block the view so I think fabric might be heavier. I actually like the plain look but sometimes the sun gets really bright in the afternoon.

jejvtr: the floor is a wide plank(12") Eastern White Pine in a custom color that someone from Carlisle WidePlank Floors mixed for me based on the look I was going for. It came pre-finished. It's not the floor to get if you don't want to see lots of dents and dings; it's very soft. It's Sunday so dinner was a pasta with a simple marinara sauce(can you tell I'm Italian?)

Rhome410: Thanks for all those nice comments. And yes, it's amazing what natural scenery can do for the soul!

Kas81057: Surprisingly, the island is one of the places I feel least worried about. It was made by a company called Grothouse and they have a technique where they finish it with something that allows you to clean it with Windex!! I was afraid to at first and called them to confirm but it's true. Anything can spill on it but you just can't put anything really hot on it. I don't cut right on it but I'm a fan of cutting boards so that works out.

Yesdear: Your post made me laugh(and cry at the same time thinking about those checks!) Hopefully we added value to our house, that makes me feel a little better.

Lesmis: I know exactly how you feel...I was doing the same thing all along but isn't it great to re-affirm what you like, or tweak it a little if you can, in the process. I'm sure I'll see kitchens posted in the future and I'll think....if I only...but your initial instincts are usually right on. The small tile in the laundry room is a glass mosaic. Good luck!

Segbrown-I'm really happy I could help you confirm what you're doing. I was really bad at visualizing and photos helped me make so many of my decisions. I hope it all goes well for you.

Akchicago: I'll take a closer shot of the backsplash above the range for you tomorrow when the light is better. The hood is from Rangecraft. It's called Canterbury. I'm sorry I am not technical at all and your other questions went right over my head! Could you possibly tell me what those letters stand for and I can try to find out?

Valleigh: Where do you live? Maybe I could stop that mine is done, I have tons of energy for another project!

Janefan: Just to let you know, those stools are from Crate and Barrel, so not that expensive-you could always have them as back-up...I'm sure your stools are great-I had a hard time deciding about what to get for stools and just bit the bullet one day because we really needed to be able to sit down!

ni_2006-The backsplash tiles are made by Stellar and are Creamy Crackle in a 2 x 6. The mosaic above the range is Calacatta marble.

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Okay. I have to say it. True kitchen porn. Like a glossy magazine. (But with proper function!) Really gorgeous. And I just love that your island is shaped like my island sink.

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gorgeous. I want to live there with you. My little white kitchen, when it's done, will be so much smaller and less of everything.... I love yours. boo hoo. :-(

But my cottage is so tiny compared to most of your homes. It's all good.

Good job on your kitchen.

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I'd love your advice as I have some granite 'tagged' that I honestly don't like but I'd given up on what I really liked but was told I shouldn't do -- marble.

I had a piece of crema marfil near my cabinet door samples one day (creamy off-white cabinets/cherry island and cherry wood countertop on the perim) and fell in love with that look! But when I was told (and read) not to use marble I've been searching in vain for a granite or solid surfaces like caesarstone that would have a similar look. One granite salesperson told me she'd be a millionaire if they made a granite that looked like crema marfil, but at the same time continued to steer me away from using marble.

I am not a neat cook (wine, fruits, you name it will get spilled on the countertops)and when I see kitchens with marble near the cooktop in magazines I figure they don't really get used...but I am hopeful since you are making a marinara sauce! Maybe I shouldn't give up on marble? Is the fact that it's honed make a difference?

Please share your thoughts/experiences in deciding to go with the beautiful marble countertops -- thanks! What an inspiration your photos are ==

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blakey, your kitchen is fantastic! What a beauty! I swear, the best kitchens I've ever seen are posted on GW. Bravo!


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Wow! My jaw dropped when I saw the first picture, then again when I saw your laundry room. AM SO JEALOUS! Excellent job. Love the mix of materials. Ditto plllog's comment.:)

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I love your kitchen! It is absolutely beautiful!!!

I am thinking of using Wood-Mode's Brookhaven cabinetry in an off-white painted finish and noticed you used Wood-Mode cabinetry. Would you mind my asking you what color your off-white painted finish is? Also, what door style you used?

I love how the end panels on your full-overlay cabinets are flush with the front! It gives them the look of traditional inset cabinetry. After seeing someone else's end panels done this way and now yours, I am going to ask if this can be done with the Brookhaven line.

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Simply Gorgeous!! Love all the windows in the breakfast nook. I really like your hood with the two tones of stainless. Love the lights over the island and the dark wood on the island. The wood really anchors the room with all the lighter colors. Everything looks so well planned and I am sure you are enjoying every minute in your masterpiece!

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What attention to detail! It's all spectacular, but I especially love the island that morphs into a pedestal table. Amazing.

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WOW! What a beautiful kitchen! Don't know where to start as I love everything about it! Love your glass display cabs and your cookbook shelf, your wide plank floors and mahogany island! What a great idea to put that pedestal on the end of your island for seating. Love your coffered ceiling! Love the gray cabinets with the pass through to the next room. You have done a magazine worthy kitchen.

What size are your Pelham pendant lights and do you like the way they light the island? Which cabinet hardware did you use and is the finish polished nickel or satin nickel? What brand oven/microwave is in your island? How are you liking your bridge faucet and which brand is it?

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What great taste you have - another stunning kitchen! I think I'm drooling...

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I love your kitchen!! Great job of tying in the architectural details with the cabinets. I really want your island!! That is one great design. Enjoy it with your family and your pup!!

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Fantastic! Love the mix of white, dark wood, stainless steel and all the outside light. How wide are the aisles? They look just right.

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Thanks again for such positive feedback. It made my day!
To answer a few other questions....
bkboston: My advice is to untag the granite since you don't love it. What I found was that it seemed like everything I liked had its downsides so I decided to just go with what I loved. The marble has been much less of an issue than I expected. I think what has made the difference is that it was sealed and I was advised to do this every six months, which really isn't a big deal. If you wipe something up right away(including tomato sauce) it's gone. Also, my marble is kind of forgiving since it has some irregular streaks of gray, sage and gold tones so even if there is a mark left, it's not really obvious. I also try to remember that patina is a good thing and it came into play this weekend when one of our friends left a bottle of red wine on the marble counter(rather than on the wood counter) and it left a stain. I was able to get most of it off even though it sat there for a little while. i'm not sure if honing it makes a difference or not...I just liked the look better. I really wouldn't buy something as important as a counter stone if you're not that into it.

crazykitchen54-The cabinet color is Alpine and I'm sure Brookhaven has the same color. The style is Embassy, but I had a custom square edge made for's a pretty subtle difference where the edges are totally flat, with no beading. I'm sure your kitchen will be beautiful and you'll love the cabinets.

pluckymama-I really like the pendants. They don't really give off a super bright light but a soft diffused type light. They are polished nickel and are about 8" in diameter. I think they are the small version. The hardware is satin nickel and is made by Classic Brass. The faucet is made in England by a company called Barbara Wilson. So far, I have no complaints but I had to adjust the force of the sprayer because it was strong enough to power wash my house! The microwave is made by Kitchen Aid. I just wanted something that could be built into the island, but it's really nothing fancy.

Cotehele: The aisles between the island and the refrigerator wall and between the island and the sink wall are 42". The space from the island to the wet bar and to the range is about 54". Sometimes it's a little tight when the barstools are not pushed in completely, but really much of an issue. I was worried about this when we were in the design phase but it seems to have worked out okay.

Akchicago: I promise I'll post that close-up of the backsplash....

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks again.

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Very warm and inviting, woodmode is such a grand cabinet and it shows so well! Great kitchen. Even the dog is happy!!

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Aaack!! there have been so many great finished kitchen posts I've been missing while i've been doing all this packing!

wow. really stunning. what do I love...yikes too many things: the wood island (to die for!), hood, ceiling, pretty glass tiles, the windows, floor. Just looks so lovely - well done!!

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Blakey, your kitchen is just breathtaking. Really, one of the nicest I have seen here. You must though please tell me what that dark gray slate look tile is in the laundry area. I've been looking for something like that for so long. It's gorgeous. Is it a porcelain tile? If so which one? If slate, would you mind sharing where it's from, and what it's called? Would so much appreciate you sharing that. Absolutely stunning job!!!

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Hi Blondelle:

Thanks for the compliments about my kitchen. It's Brazilian gray slate in my laundry room. I had it cut in three separate sizes to create the pattern. Really nothing exotic. I got it at a nice tile store in New Jersey. Let me know if you still have trouble finding it and I can see if I can get any more specific info. Good luck!

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Thanks for the aisle widths. Your kitchen is so nice, it gives me hope ours will be okay with cabinetry on both sided of an island with 42'' aisles.

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Breathtaking! I especially love that ceiling! It makes me wish I had done a white kitchen. WOW!!!

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Thanks so much for responding to my question regarding your cabinetry color and door style. I love the "Alpine White" in your kitchen! It appeared to be a pretty close match to the painted woodwork in my house when I brought the color samples home. If we end up going with the Brookhaven cabinetry, I will probably use that white. I will have to ask about the panelsI doubt I can do that with the Brookhaven line, though.

Again, your kitchen is lovely and has been such an inspiration to me!

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Here is the closer photo of our backsplash. It's still a little dark but hopefully it will give you a better idea.

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Wow! You managed to make a very warm and inviting "white-on-white" kitchen! that is quite hard to do in my opinion since white is usually very cool. Your color and material choices are perfect. I especially love the wood island. Fantastic!

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Wow! You've created a beautiful, classic kitchen.

I realize that you still have some decorating to complete, but may I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog now? We can always go back and modify your photos later.
If so please submit the FKB Category Checklist; it will help me categorize your kitchen details.


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This is AMAZING. Love everything. Especially the glass tiles in the laundry room, I cannot stop thinking about them after viewing them last night. Do you remember where you got them? I have to have them!!! Not sure where to put them but have to have them LOL!
great job

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This forum is on fire this week! You can't snooze around here.

Absolutely beautiful!
You obviously have an eye for kitchen design-each piece is not only special on its own, but contributes to the whole scene (coffered ceiling, backsplash tile mosaic, island shape). The materials are to die for. We're planning a white kitchen with a very similar hood & a marble counter so I was excited to see yours. I also have a matching dog-yours looks so happy to be in the new laundry room! Adorable.

I posted a question about your floors in another thread, but in case you only check here: can you elaborate on why you might regret them? (I got that vibe from the marble thread). I see they're EWP, so softness? Color (the dog)?

Thanks & enjoy that fantastic space!

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Hi again(I actually responded in the other thread but just saw you here and wanted to address the other issue of the shedding, which I forgot to mention. Yes, it's much more visible(you said you have a yellow lab?) but really the same amount of vacuuming as with my previous floor, which was a gold tone, so my second thoughts aren't really about that. It's still too early for me to say that I wish I had picked a harder wood(but not a lighter wood) but I'm usually willing to sacrifice practicality to get the look I want so chances are I would do it all over again-call me crazy!!

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Fantastic! Tremendously gorgeous, and how jealous it makes me! It must be a joy to work where there's so much light!

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I am loving this kitchen! From the floor to the ceiling it is fantastic. Is the "alpine" on your cabinets a BM color? Did you mention your wall color or did I miss it? Thanks for sharing such a lovely inspirational kitchen

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jeniferrlynne: Thanks for the very nice compliments about my kitchen. The "alpine" color is specific to Wood Mode. I found that it is very close to BM's Dove Wing though. There isn't a lot of wall space in my kitchen but where there is some(mainly around the doorways and windows) I used BM Morning Dew. Hope that's helpful.

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Gorgeous!!So many things to love. The ceilings, floors, backsplash, those gray green cabs!!! Wish I had done that.

Can I ask where you got your table? And is that Costa Esmeralda in the laundry room. I love that glass tile with it.

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Thank you, Positano(love your name by the of the most beautiful places on earth). And I recall you have an amazing kitchen...most definitely one that inspired me.
The counter is costa esmeralda in the laundry really know your stuff!
I really liked the glass with it too....the colors make me think of the sea. The table is from Pottery Barn, but I ended up returning it because I decided to get something with an older feeling, either an antique or reproduction, but the same size and shape. The table is called Aris I think.

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"The "alpine" color is specific to Wood Mode. I found that it is very close to BM's Dove Wing though."

Did you use the BM "Dove Wing" you refered to above on your trim? I have BM "Cloud White" on my trim right now. The Wood-Mode/Brookhaven "Alpine" sample I brought home appeared to blend well with my that, but it was a little darker. I might try the BM Dove Wing if that is what you used. My trim was painted with Benjamin Moores Satin Impervo, which is oil-based (it has turned creamier over time). Is that what you used? Thanks for your help!

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Hi crazykitchen,
I used white dove for my trim since I wanted to go a little lighter and I think it was on the same card as the dove wing, so I thought that might mean it was in the same shade family. The white dove is really white though and if I had to do it again, I may have selected something else, maybe the dove wing, although that may have not allowed the trim to stand out as nicely. I would try them both out and see which looks better. I bought so many of those little sample pots it was ridiculous! i did use Satin Impervo for the trim, although I think there is a latex version that was used. Hope that helps.

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Beautiful! Will definitely bookmark for inspiration. Not sure if you answered this, but what color grout did you use on the backsplash?

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Thanks for the info Blakey. I have Costa Esmeralda in my kitchen and still looking for a backsplash. I love the colors of your glass tiles in the laundry room soothing. Forgive me if you already answered, but where are they from?

And yes, my name is for Positano, Italy. One of my favorite places, can't wait to get back some day.

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Your island top is stunning! I just thinking about having the eating part of my island be wood and was about to post on that.
Was Grothouse long distance for you? Obviously the results are fabulous, how was the service, price, etc? Did you look into anybody else for a custom top?

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Wow, what a beautiful space! The cabinets are gorgeous, the wood island top spectacular, it all works so well. Congratulations on a job well done!

Question on the laundry area. The "box" on the counter above the washer - does that by chance hide the water/drain connections? If so, can you share some details - how it's constructed and attached to the wall?

Again, really beautiful kitchen. Thanks!

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momov3-The grout color is antique white on the subway tile and standard white on the marble mosaic. The grout is noticeably darker than the subway tile, but only by a shade or two.

positano-I'm waiting to hear back from the young woman who works at the store where I bought the glass mosaic tile to get some more specific info about it and will follow-up when I do. The color is Puka, if that helps. Or, you could always bring some amazing tile back from Positano, the next time you go...

Dtchgrl-The kitchen design store which did our cabinets dealt directly with Grothouse so i basically just picked out the type of wood, stain color and then Grothouse came to our house to template around the same time that all of the other counters were templated. My kitchen designer gave them the design of the island top and I was quoted a price early on. I have to say I thought it was pretty expensive, almost as much as all of the marble. But it may have had to do with the shape and the type of wood, although I picked the simplest edge so that didn't add to the price. I would highly recommend Grothouse; they have a special finish that protects the wood and I'm so comfortable working on the island. They have many wood options, which is good and bad I suppose, but they are all beautiful. I wouldn't hesitate to contact them directly and ask questions. They were really helpful the few times I called.

craigintx-Thank you!
I was wondering if someone would ask about my spiffy little box that in fact conceals the water connections. It evolved when I was horrified to learn that it was code to have those connections accessible and therefore exposed. So, our project manager came up with this solution(I told her she should really patent it) to build a simple plywood box that sits in front but slides out. We tiled it just like the backsplash(although in the photo the white tiles had not been grouted yet) so it's basically camouflaged. To me, this is as cool as any of the fancy appliances!

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Thanks for the paint information, blakey. I think your "White Dove" trim looks great! I know what you mean about the Benjamin Moore sample pots! I certainly have my share!

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Just as a follow-up for the few who were asking about the glass mosaic, you can e-mail and she will give you the info about distributors. She's expecting your call! Just mention the color Puka.

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Just had to add my compliments for the record. Your kitchen will surely be added to one of my favorite kitchens of all time slot! I was particularly impressed with your island and eating table. We have a similiar island plan for our kitchen (when we're able to build the house - please let this economy pick up!) that we originally saw in a model home many years ago. We call it our keyhole island - the only difference is we dropped the table part to regular table height but I really like the way your island and table are continuous - beautiful wood. Stunning kitchen all around, great dog (my favorite breed), well done - take a bow!

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A beautiful kitchen!What sealant did your fabricator use on the honed Calacatta countertops...Stonetech Bullet-Proof, 511 Porous Plus, or ???. Are the etched spots(if you are seeing any from lemon juice, vinegar, other acidic foods)fairly invisible with this very light marble? How about stains? Any advice or regrets about making the choice to use Calacatta in your kitchen? I'm beginning the search for new perimeter countertops and really like the look of Calacatta and Statuary marble, but wonder about raising the level of required carefulness after living in a laminate world.

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Hi contessacook:

The sealant is called Stone Tech Impregnator. I'm really not seeing any etching yet, I was quite concerned about it when trying to decide whether to get marble. I'm pretty careful though when using acidic foods and always use a cutting board. But there have been times when I've seen a drop of coffee or tomato sauce for example and it's come out with no problem. I have no regrets about choosing the calacatta, and I'm really happy I did. The only area where I've been kind of strict is on the wet bar. I keep a tray on that counter for opened bottles and also insist that my husband actually pour wine on the wood island, which can be cleaned up easily. I am going to seal the marble every six months as suggested, which seems very easy to do, and I think it will be fine. I should also say that I like things to feel "lived in" and therefore won't mind the patina that will result from carefree cooking!

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Hello Blakey,
Many thanks for writing back.I was delighted to read that you have no regrets about choosing marble.Stone Tech is the sealant brand I'm hearing most frequently. Etching is my main concern, followed by stains from dark red liquids and accidents that result in chipping the surface. Do you use the cutting board at or near the sink? Are you doing anything to cover the marble near your rangetop to protect from fine oil/butter spray? I looked at a quartzite stone called white mist, a compromise option. The salesman was familiar with the quarry for Danby marble in Vermont and gave me a page/ad from a trade magazine,"for kitchens everywhere, people are choosing Vermont Danby's the white choice". Hope you will keep posting and let us know how your first 6-month maintenance goes.

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Hi again contessacook(are you an Ina Garten fan?),

I have a cutting board near my sink...sometimes I leave it out leaning up against the backsplash(I actually think wood cutting boards are really pretty). What's great about this one is that it's large and it has an indented border so that the juices pool there and don't drip onto the counter. I bought it at Williams Sonoma. I don't do anything special around the rangetop to protect the counters but try to clean up anything greasy right away. I have heard that Danby is a good alternative to calacatta. I didn't look at that but did look at other things: Caesarstone, concrete, honed black granite, but I kept coming back to the calacatta. It's only been a few months, but so far I'm really pleased with it.

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Yes,blakey, I am a huge Ina Garten fan. Her techniques and recipes almost always work for me, and I love how she makes cooking and entertaining a joy. I've been thinking of using a larger cutting board as Ina does...will check for the one you described from W.S. I hope to come to a decision before too long about marble countertops. I learned about this blog a few weeks ago at the kitchen center where I'm purchasing some appliances, and it has really speeded up my research. Thanks for posting your kitchen and staying with the conversation. Do you watch Ina?

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Sensational (she says as she wipes drool from the keyboard)!!!!

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Oh my, your kitchen's a beauty!!! I love all the interesting details like the pendants and the circular end to the island. And how you did glass doors for the uppers and closed doors for the smaller cabinets above them. And the metal range hood works beautifully.

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Be still my heart! What a stunning kitchen Blakely. It really showcases the wonderful design and finishes you chose. Very well done...

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WOW! I'm speechless.

I just got my bid for stainless and am rethinking doing it all in wood for counters. WOW, WOW, WOW!! You give me inspiration!

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Hi: If you are still monitoring this thread... I LOVE your cabinetry... if it is Woode Mode can you tell me if it is their framless line? Also, I was wondering the door style excactly. Thanks so much.


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oh my!!! just came across this as it was linked in ebse's farm house sink dilemna thread... so glad I didn't miss this. What a kitchen!!! truly amazing and a new favorite... hope you are enjoying every minute in your new kitchen.

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I think blakey told me her cabinet doors are Wood-Mode Embassy Recessed with a square edge. Im pretty sure they are frameless. The finish in the kitchen area is Alpine White.


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I love your kitchen! Could you tell me what the measurements of the island are?

Thank you!


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Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen. The island wood top is stunning.

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Your kitchen is stunning! You did a wonderful job of tying everything together. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Great Kitchen. Now you get to be an inspiration for someone else! We are making similar choices. White cabinets in a Shaker style. I'm not brave enough to do a marble, so we are going with a honed black granite.

Is that a Kitchen Aid built in microwave in the Island? If so, how do you like it?

We are also doing Carlise wide plank pine floors and I'm wondering what stain you used. We're leaning towards the Sturbride brown, but also looked at the Vintage borwn and Bradford Umber.

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Blakey, I am wondering how your marble and wood countertops are holding up a year later....they are so beautiful I am hoping you are still in love....

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Just fantastic! Any hints on floor color? I have 8" yellow pine (wish I'd gone for the 12"!), and LOVE the way yours looks. I'm curious whether I can duplicate your color. It doesn't seem like you can just get stains from Carlisle, but I'm not sure. If I could, how might I describe your color to them? And if not, any other thoughts? My builder prefers only to use water based or low VOC stains and finishes. Thanks, and I'm loving your spot!

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Blakey, your kitchen is gorgeous! We are trying to have seating for 5 in a very small area and I am wondering the dimensions of your island? width? length? and diameter of circle? does it feel crowded? obviously, I would need to widen the island and circle part in order to seat 5 but yours is a starting place for me.

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