Upset and depressed

msmeowJuly 14, 2007

Hi, ladies - I have a situation at work that really has me down. On Tuesday we were all called into a mandatory meeting to update us on what they are calling "strategic realignment." What that boils down to is they are reorganizing the staff (again), only this time they have said a "few" (whatever that means) will lose their jobs and "some" will have more than a 50% change in their job duties. They already have a severance package worked up for the "few."

I work for my church, and in the 10 years I've worked there, they have reorganized the staff about 3 times. We had to lay off a few people several years ago for financial reasons, and it made a wound in the staff that took a long time to heal. So, now I can see that's going to happen again, no matter how "few" are victims of the "realignment."

Sorry to run on. This has been weighing on me a lot since Tuesday, and it feels good to know I can come here and share with my quilting friends.


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I'm so sorry to hear that. This type of thing is always scary and depressing. Learning new duties is never fun, but being laid off is even worse. I'm sure you all feel like family there too, so it's not just about losing the income for those who are let go. Hang in there. I'm happy to hear they at least have a severance package for those they have to cut lose.

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I can hear how upsetting this is for you, Donna, and I'm so sorry you are having to face this. Change is never easy and maybe less so as we get older. Any job a person has worked for ten years shows you have a commitment to it. The thing is, our churches are very personal to us. They often feel like family when we are very connected to them. When I was divorced, I felt that if I had to move out of my house, change the boys schools, and change churches I might just as well get the heck outa Dodge. So I did - and it was heartwrenching too.

Try not to worry until you know what is what. Be positive in your attitude if you are kept on, and try to look forward to the change and challenge if you are let go.

Keep the faith!

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Thanks, Laura & Teresa! They said the new structure is supposed to be in place by Sept. 1, so we won't have too long to wait and see what's going to happen. I don't mind change as far as my job duties go - I started as the receptionist and now I'm the financial director! It's just the personal, emotional stuff that is really bugging me. You're right - our church is a big part of both my & DH's lives!


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I know how hard it can be to deal with changes in the workplace, and you have my sympathy. However, remember that there is always a reason, and when He closes one door, He opens another. So what lies ahead may be brighter. And whatever the situation, He will help you...and your friends are here also. Hugs!

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I know it is hard when things change. I also work at my church as secretary, treasurer and office manager. Our pastor left in June and our new pastor came in on July 1. This is the second time we have had a change in pastors since I have been working in the office. I am sure I will go through this again if I stay in this job.
You must have a much larger church than ours. I am the only one in the office. Our only employees are the pastor, custodian and me.
Linda OH

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Donna, that is so hard when the job is also part of your church family. I too am glad to see they have a severence package. As financial director, I guess you know more than most why the changes are needed, but it's never easy.

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Try not to worry! Good to hear they at least have a severance package but still hard on those being let go!


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I always say never worry until you know you've got something to worry about. Fingers crossed that things won't be as bleak as they seem now.

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Dear Donna,
Thanks for sharing your worries with us. I hope that it has helped you a bit.
Kelly - NH

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I went through that so many years with AT&T and it is stressful. I went through so many closings and downsizing but I was lucky enough to stay in FL.
I met DH because his office in AZ was closed and relocated to Lake Mary.
Then the rumors started about relocating to Alpharetta GA and I did not want to move to that large of a city so I took an early retirement package. Some of the people in our office were so angry that 3 were fired for violence in the work place. I began to dread going to work.
I agree, try not to worry, but have an alternative plan just in case. Chamomile tea is great for relaxing and will help you sleep better.

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I work for a large company also which has had quite a few reorgs and layoffs. I was notified that I was being 'involuntarily separated' in April after almost 34 years. However, I got a job offer in the company three days before my scheduled last day. I was very upset and worried. I am kind of close to retirement but just couldn't feature not going to work. Anyway, now I want them to offer the voluntary separation package that they offered earlier (i would get 1 years pay). I will take it when it is offered again. I just wasn't ready then. It is hard because I know good people get laid off and there was nothing wrong with their job performance. It was just business. Nancy

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IÂm sorry Donna. I wish you and your co-workers the best.


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Oh, Donna, how awful for everyone involved! Go ahead and get something like that off your chest. Don't keep it bottled up inside.

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Donna, I do hope something comes up before Sept and things won't be as bad as you fear.


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Thank you all for your support! It's nice to have a place to "unload". I'll keep you posted on what happens. Just think - if I get laid off I'll have a whole lot more time to sew! LOL


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I hope it won't end up as bad as it seems, Donna.

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Sorry you have to go through this Donna. I think involuntary job changes are one of the most traumatic life events to go through. Oftentimes, things work out for the best in the end and I'm sure they will for you too. Keep the faith girl.

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Hope you are getting through your days with as much peace as possible. It seems change is hard for most of us and the one thing sure in life is change.
You are in my thoughts today.


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