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WoodsyJuly 12, 2007

It has been a trying week. My MIL was in the hospital this past week with congestive heart failure..fluid build up...and just came home today. Another friend is in the hospital with staph infection in a recent back surgery, and another friend with rhuemetoid arthritis just had her hip replaced. SIGH...things always seem to come at one time.

I watched the grandkids for a few hours today, so couldn't sandwich my reunion quilt, so made this walker caddy for the friend with hip replacement instead.

In years past, when stresses built up, I always cleaned the house. But, now, I'm finding that sewing (well, not too technical sewing) is very time absorbing and relaxing.

I enjoy making things for other people.

I think next week will be a much better week.


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Woodsy, I'm sure next week will be better! Cute walker caddy. I find simple sewing, crocheting or knitting projects to be great stress-relievers, too.

Keep your chin up!


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Hope everyone is better soon.

Cute caddy!!!! Is this a pattern you created or off line etc.

Marty (Missouri)

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Being productive with your hands seems to be a stress reliever whatever the work is. DH would tell Type A corporate people at the store that doing stained glass was very relaxing. Sure enough they'd take it up as a hobby and come back to tell him how right he was. I think anything that allows to to concentrate and create is good therapy.

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Happier days to come for sure. Your friend will certainly appreciate the bag you made her. Quilting calms the mind and comforts the soul!

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Thanks everyone for the "lift". Everyone is doing ok so far.

Marty Mo. I got the pattern online. I've put the link below if you are interested. I've made several of these, and this is the easiest, best looking, and most functional caddy I've tried. I do use interfacing on the front and back for added sturdiness. It takes about 2 hours to make.

Here is a link that might be useful: walker caddy pattern

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Thanks Woodsy

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That is nice of you to make these for your friends. I wish for better days ahead for you

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Sorry you have so much going on right now Woodsy. You are so sweet to think of others when you are stressed. Where do people put items in this caddy?

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Thanks everyone...everyone is doing much better...including me! lol.

Marti..there is a two section pocket on the outside front, and a 3 section pocket on the outside back. Then, there is a huge pocket inside formed by the entire front and back pieces. LOTS of room. Holds telephone, magazines, kleenex, eyeglasses, and a friend even put his iced tea glass in one of the outer pockets.

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That is way cool!

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