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nana24July 31, 2007

On Thur. I will fly to Kansas to get 2 GC- ages 7 and 5.

They will be here for 10 days during which my DD and 2 other GC ages 10 and 7 will also come. For 3 days my sister and her 3 grands 12, 9 &8 will also join us. They seldom get to see their cousins. Mine usually see each other 2 times a year and my sister's usually see mine but never more than 1 time together.

We have lots of things planned so it should be great fun.

Not sure what condition I'll be in at the end. Then I fly them home on the 11th. I'll probably sleep on my return trip.

Hopefully I'll be able to lurk around here once in a while if I can get the computer! Ha

This summer has been quite busy and this is our last fling!

Just sharing so if you think of me you can say,"Lord, give her strength!" :)


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"Lord, Give Her Strength."

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LOL! Sally, you are truly a wonderful "nana!" They will have so much fun getting together with their "cousins."

Have an early bedtime so the adults can get some rest! Ha!

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Sally, It sounds like great fun. I'm from a large family. My cousins are some of my best friends! Have a good time building great memories!


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You will be making memories for the rest of their lives. The times I spent with my cousins in the summer are some of my best memories.
Linda OH

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